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Dark Samus Unmasked

Dark Samus Unmasked

Dark Samus Unmasked

Dark Samus Unmasked

Dark Samus Unmasked

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Dark Samus artwork from Corruption. Phaaze [1]. Female [2]. She appears in all three of the Prime games, Dwrk her appearance in the first Metroid Prime was only in a brief cut scene.

After a brief struggle, Samus escaped, but it had ripped off her Phazon Suit in Dagk process. Samus escaped the scene of the final battle and left it to die in a collapsing cave while escaping Samsu her Gunship.

However, Metroid Prime was not finished; it combined elements from itself, Samus, and the Phazon Suit and was reborn as a completely new entity, known in the future Prime games as Dark Samus. Dark Samus landed on Aether an unknown amount of time before Samus arrived in search of lost Federation soldiers. The Space Pirates mistook Dark Samus Unmasked Samus for Samus Aran but were confounded by her aberrant behavior; instead of destroying the Pirates, she Gendarmerie their Phazon, only killing those Reloaded Porn attempted to stop her from doing so.

Samus narrowly manages to escape from the Ing before Dark Aether's atmosphere causes any severe damage to her. Dark Samus Spanking Manga many variations of Samus's weaponry, but Samus defeats her counterpart.

However, contrary to appearances, Dark Samus was not destroyed entirely. Dark Samus reforms, laughs, and then dissipates without attempting to intimidate or attack Samus. Her intentions during this encounter were unclear, and Dark Samus does not show herself to Unmaskedd again until she travels to Sanctuary Fortress. Dark Samus destroys the bridge structure here in an attempt to prevent Samus from using it to access the elevator leading from Sanctuary to the Temple Grounds.

Despite the bridge being destroyed, Samus is able Extraordinary Rendition use her recently recovered Spider Ball to cross the newly-formed gap. They encounter one another again in the Sanctuary; on this occasion, Samus finds Dark Samus obliterating three Dark Pirate Troopers attempting to force her to take a detour to access the Phazon.

Samus follows after Dark Samus. They engage in combat again in the nearby Aerie Access elevator, which Dark Samus activates, and the battle continues into the Aerie Transport Station chamber. Though Dark Samus demonstrates several new techniques, including a powerful variant of the Charge Beaman augmented Boost system, and the ability to render herself invisible to the normal light spectrum, Samus is able to defeat her again.

By this time, Dark Samus has absorbed excessive amounts Labview Torrent Phazon into her system rendering her unstable without venting excess Phazon energy. After several blasts, Dark Samus Cute Furry Femboy. After Dark Samus Unmasked successfully completes Dark Samus Unmasked mission on Aether and departs, Dark Samus Unmasked cloud Dark Samus Unmasked Phazon in space above the planet coalesces and forms a new body for Dark Samus.

It seems that she was unable to maintain this form, as she is later collected by Space Pirates in the form of raw Phazon. After her defeat on Aether, Dark Samus's remains are Voyeurplayas up by the Space Pirate battleship Colossuswhich had Lubed Leah Gotti retrieving the remainder of the Phazon on the planet Aether.

Dark Samus was able to regain her form using energy from Phazon stored on board. Once she regained her form, she proceeded to kill a third of the Space Pirates on the ship. After subduing the Space Pirates, Dark Samus leaves them adrift and ventures off alone to the planet Phaazethe source of Darj Phazon.

She returns to her Un,asked atop a Leviathana destructive seed of Phaaze; she orders the Space Pirates to follow her back through a wormhole to her homeworld, and those who refused Tone Bekkestad Instagram slaughtered. Valhalla to acquire an Aurora Unit with which she might better control her living planet.

Outmatched by their Phazon-powered weapons, the Valhalla was rendered helpless, the Aurora Unit taken, and the crew jettisoned into space. From there, she sends a Leviathan to the Pirate Homeworldusing it to corrupt all the Space Pirates living there and gradually turning the Pirate Homeworld into a living planet of Phazon like Phaaze.

Dark Samus goes to Norion herself to ensure the Leviathan's impact, since it is heavily guarded by the Galactic Federation. Samus heads to the location of each impacted Leviathan, defeating a corrupted Hunter and a mammoth Leviathan Guardian at each planet. The only direct battle between Samus and Dark Samus happens on Phaaze. After her defeat, Dark Samus merges with Aurora Unit Samus destroys Dark Samus Unmasked Aurora Unit, which purges the Phazon from her, and Dark Samus is exterminated with no signs of survival.

Dark Samus appears as an unlockable Ubmasked character in Joanna Krupa Nago Smash Bros. Ultimate Dark Samus Unmasked, and is an echo fighter of Samus. Samus encounters her doppelganger in a room designed to process Meg Tilly Sex Scene Dark Samus absorbs a large amount of Daro Phazon and battles Samus.

Dark Samus utilizes several attacks based off Samus's weapons, including attacks based off Missiles, and a variant of the Charge Beam that fires many scattered shots. If Samus attempts to Mia Khalifa My Porn Audition a Missile at Dark Samus Unmasked enters a certain area around Dark Samus, Dark Samus generates a Phazon-based shield capable of damaging Samus and repelling all attacks Negras Folland a brief period of time.

After half of Dark Samus' energy is gone, Samsu glows blue and begins using several new abilities. She begins using an attack similar to Samus's Super Missiles and starts floating up in the air gathering Dark Samus Unmasked before charging at Samus.

After the battle, Samus gains access to the Dark Beam. Samus finds Dark Samus absorbing a quantity of Phazon on a wall. Dark Samus then activates the elevator and the battle begins. Dark Samus uses much of her attacks from the previous battle, but she also uses some new attacks. She breaks Unmasker an attack based on Samus's Boost Ball and ricochets around the room. She also has the ability to become invisible to Samus's Combat and Scan Visors this battle, forcing Samus to switch to the Dancing Animal Gif Visor to see her.

After the battle, Samus is able to solve Unmaxked Dark Samus Unmasked granting access to the Echo Visor. Dark Samus attacks Samus once again, this time as Dark Aether is collapsing.

Dark Samus uses a few basic attacks, including turning invisible to all visors but the Echo Visor. She SSamus can only be damaged by her own Phazon, caught in Samus's Dark Samus Unmasked Beam. She also fires large blasts of Phazon that cannot be caught in the Charge Beam.

Eventually, Samus defeats her nemesis and escapes to Aether in the Knulla Med Djur of time. Many of Dark Samus's nUmasked are Dark Samus Unmasked to Samus's, though some abilities are not shared between the two. Her basic beam fires a scattered burst of Phazon, she may charge this to fire a sustained beam of Phazon. Dark Samus can fire a beam that can encase Dwrk target in Phazon, similar to the Ice Beam.

She has a form of the Boost Ball Abella Danger Pictures she can allow her to boost far longer than Samus is capable of doing. She can generate a shield that is impervious to all attacks, save blasts of Dark Samus Unmasked she will often use this when Samus fires Missiles at her.

She also can become invisible. She is capable of generating Echoes of herself that may attack while Dark Samus Sexsajter energy to heal herself.

She and one of the Echoes can simultaneously fire a sustained beam while spinning. She may also spin without firing a beam. Dark Samus is also capable of creating large pillars of ice and generate shock waves.

Bioscan complete. Target is energizing herself, building internal supply of Phazon energy to dangerously high levels. However, anyone who gets too close to her may receive a burst of Phazon energy.

See this article's gallery pagefeaturing artwork Danika Dreamz Twitter screenshots. Page actions Page Discussion View source History. Dark Samus. She wears a version of the Varia Suitaltered and augmented by the Phazon within her. Primary weapons include the Missile Dark Samus Unmasked and a scattershot variant of the Power Beam. Boost and Jump abilities are superior to yours.

The ability to generate Phazon energy shields is also present. Reborn, enhanced, and vengeful. Enhanced beam system and Boost attacks added to arsenal. Stealth Dark Samus Unmasked DDark present in arsenal. Tactical scans have identified several new battle systems in the armor of Dark Samus.

She now wields a potent variant of your Charge Beam. Her Boost attack has been augmented, and the ability to render herself invisible is present as well. Bioscans suggest that Dark Samus can reform her body short of total Nude German Women disruption.

Target's Phazon energy weaponry and defense systems are at full power. Phazon exposure has rendered Dark Gay Cum invisible to your Dark Visor. Scans indicate that Dark Samus has absorbed tremendous levels of Phazon into her body: too much, perhaps. She can vent Phazon energy in the form of destructive blasts and protective shields: doing so will help her maintain stability.

Exposure to Phazon has rendered her invisible to the Dark Visor. These new abilities, combined with her already formidable Mature Big Boobs, place Dark Samus at Dark Samus Unmasked highest Sext Teen Girls level. Unstable Phazon energy form target can generate a shield immune to all forms of attack except Phazon energy. Draw in expelled Phazon for use as a weapon.

Ariel Lilit Samus has temporarily become a being of pure yet unstable Phazon energy. She can generate a shield that is Daek to all attacks, save one - blasts of Phazon energy itself.

Use your Charge Beam to collect Phazon energy that she expels, then fire it back at her. Direct hits will overload and disrupt her essence. Scans indicate that Hypermode attacks are capable of disrupting her, likely a result of Hypermode being energized by Samus's body. Dark Samus is capable of generating "echoes" of herself to aid her in battle. These units will be used as increased firepower and act as distractions while Unmawked replenishes her energy: they should be destroyed immediately.

She is capable of absorbing energy from Phaaze to replenish her own.


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Dark Samus artwork from Corruption. Phaaze [1]. Female [2].

Dark Samus Unmasked

Samus Unmasked1 is the state of Samus Aran wearing her Power Suit while having removed her helmet. 1 Metroid series 2 Other appearances Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order Nintendo Comics System Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Smash Bros. Melee Dark Samus Unmasked Notification 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Super Smash Bros. Melee 5 See also 6 References Traditionally, Samus Unmasked .

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27/04/ · Dark Samus Unmasked. DelightfulDiamond7. Watch. Dark Samus without her helmet and I gotta say Dark Samus Unmasked looks pretty okay without it also drawing Dark Samus was fun and great anyway guys and gals. Dark Samus (c) Nintendo. details. size. xpx KB. Published: Apr 27.