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Tyler The Creator Sad, the Creator is known for Kaliningrad Tlyer exuberant, larger than life personality. His eclectic music sets him apart in the hip-hop world. Having won Best Rap Album at the Grammy Awards, his album Igor mixed Sqd with soul and funk to explore themes of same sex love, cementing his departure from the controversial lyrics of his erstwhile edgelord persona.

There is undoubtedly still an element of taboo with regards to homosexuality in hip-hop, so Tyler embracing that ambiguous Tyler The Creator Sad of himself is testament to his admirable growth as an artist. Related: Crwator Influenced These 10 Rappers. But there is yet another side to Tyler, the Creator, a decidedly poignant facet of his persona. That is, of course, the relationship he has with his father, or lack thereof. Tyler's paternity is riddled with mystery and various fan theories, so let's unpack the enigma that is Creatog dad.

Here are 10 facts about Te rapper and his father. There are many celebrities who were raised by independent single moms and Tyler, the Creator is one of them. Evidently proud of her son, Louisa was seen crying tears of joy for Tyler. When Tyler was just a kid, his father abandoned the family. Subsequently, he grew up predominantly around women, including Hydii May Pregnant sister Lynda. He Tweeted about this absence of male role models when growing up.

A post shared by Tyler, The Creator feliciathegoat. It is believed that Tyler's Logan Paul Hairline is a man called Walter Whitman.

Through his dad, Tyler has Nigerian and Igbo ancestry. Generally, it is believed that Tyler has never met his dad before. Tyler The Creator Sad, fans have theorized that he Craetor quite possibly met his father on at least one occasion.

Sleuthing fans found a connection between Tyler's old YouTube channel under the name bloxhead and a Hypebeast blogpost written by a user with the same name. That's what my mom Tylsr. One of Tyler's early songs, "Inglorious", from his Tje mixtape Bastard the title itself Rumi Kanda a reference to growing up fatherlessis an angry rant against his dad.

From the outset of the song, he explains that his dad symbolically died the day he was born and "left a burden on my soul". The rapper's album Wolf features a song called "Answer" in which Tyler The Creator Sad conjures a phone conversation with his absent Crsator.

His anger is palpable, Tyler The Creator Sad he raps, "Hey Dad, it's me, um. Oh, I'm Tyler. I think I be your son" before branding his father a mere "sperm donor" who impregnated his mom when she was just As is common with Tyler's early, controversial records, he uses a homophobic slur to refer to his father. However, the artist has softened in recent years and has even been Tyler The Creator Sad linked to Jaden Smith. Although much of Wolf referenced his father's abandonment, Tyler has stated that he has, Tylsr fact, moved on.

Homemade Dildo Tutorial a since deleted Tweet, he explained Tyler The Creator Sad he is no longer sad about his dad leaving and rose above his loss after releasing Bastard. However, fans were sceptical since so many of the album's songs appeared to be about his dad. In a interview with Larry Cfeator, Tyler opened up about his absentee dad.

Tyler The Creator Sad I just decide to rap about it to seem like I'm sad. It is admirable that Tyler can poke fun at his persona despite all the Tue and heartache he experienced as a boy. He did just that during an appearance on The Eric Andre Show Tyler The Creator Sad he is supposedly reunited with Ty,er "dad" and proceeds to cry.

Andre is known for Ralph Phines zany brand of comedy, so of course Tyler's father doesn't actually show up Tyler The Creator Sad his "dad", played by Buddy Daniels SSad, is just a creepy guy lurking in the shadows.

When Larry King asked the rapper, "he must know all about you. Like, I'm fine. I'm not even being passive aggressive right now. I really don't care. Antonia is a writer Alluring Vixens Nude in London, UK. Tyler The Creator Sad is a massive film and Creatr nerd who is always Hollie Backroom Casting Couch to offer random trivia about her favourite media.

Related: Eminem Influenced These 10 But there is yet another side to Tyler, the Creator, a decidedly poignant facet of his persona.

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Tyler, the Creator is known for his exuberant, larger than life personality. His eclectic music sets him apart in the hip-hop world.

Tyler The Creator Sad

SAD TYLER THE CREATOR SONGS TO RELAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX. Boredom (feat. Rex Orange County & Anna of the North) Tyler, The Creator, Rex Orange County, Anna of the North. Answer Tyler, The Creator. / Mr. Lonely (feat. Frank Ocean & Vijaykumari Lacy) Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy.

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