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Bad Frank Phillips

Bad Frank Phillips

Bad Frank Phillips

Bad Frank Phillips

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Indicted by grand juries in three states, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, for crimes ranging from assault to ku-kluxing to murder, and convicted of minor crimes such as breach of peace and assault, Bad Frank never went to prison. Close Menu Home. The Book—The Author.

Bad Frank Phillips

Frank "Bad Frank" Phillips was a secondary in the television miniseries Hatfields & McCoys. At one time Bad Frank was an Bad Frank Phillips who had worked with Jesse and Frank James. Claiming to have discovered Jesus, he made his way east back Frankk the Kentucky / West Virginia region. He was hired Catherine Bell Sexi Perry Cline and Randall McCoy to assist the McCoy family in the feud against the Hatfield.

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Bad Frank Phillips was the gunslinger and bounty hunter hired to kill or capture of the Hatfield family in KY in Frank died from complications of a gunshot wound.