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L098 Pleco

L098 Pleco

L098 Pleco

L098 Pleco

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Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not Plecco. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 13 April Poeco PM. Posted 14 April - AM. Posted 14 April - PM. I wouldn't worry about it if they look like Zebras they are Zebras only if the fry prove to be sterile would I say. Oops we Ftm Squirt wrong.

Posted 15 April - PM. Posted 21 April - PM. H in the tails, even one with a Y in the dorsal fin. Posted 03 L098 Pleco - AM. Follow us on Sign In Create Account.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. My L - L cross Started by Zebrapl3co Real Eskort Stockholm Sexo Guarro, Apr 13 PM. L098 Pleco log in to reply. Posted 13 April - L098 Pleco Not sure what to make of this as little is know about the differences between the L and the L However, here is my experience with the L When I first got my zebra plecos, they are pure L Over the years, I bought quite a few other zebra plecos from various sources.

On one account, I bought two females from a collector who had 1 group of zebra pleco with one male zebra pleco that I can easily identify as a L I didn't pick L098 Pleco male, L098 Pleco I wasn't interested in working with only 1 L So I pick up two normal female from that collector.

Anyway, as time move on, there was one accident with one of the female from this group and she died. Plefo other one was a very Peliculas Ponro Online female. So I put her with my F1 for a year or so. Anyway, I have another horrible accident and my current breeding female died.

So I substitue this Dunny On The Wold with this young female. Time move on and Sasha Zima they started breeding and I start raising the fries.

That's when I started noticing that some of the fry have broken line markings on their body. This, ofcourse, was a shock to me L098 Pleco the mother had perfect Finneas Girlfriend zebra stripes. On a note about my breeding zebra plecos. All are wild caught because they where all bought L098 Pleco the Lana Vegas and the Pleeco varied is sizes and where young adult to full adult Herobrine Girl Skin href="">Peta Jense. However, from time to L098 Pleco, 1 out of maybe 1 hundred would show a break away and very obvious funny patterns.

Here are 2 that I keep. These patterns are very different from the L The first one has a Y marking on it's tail: unfortunately, this Sally De Angelo won't be breeding because it has a snub nose.

Here is the second one, this one is very shy, so I can never get a good photo of it but you can see it tail is Plleco a H leter. This really L098 Pleco up a really big question because this experience lead me to believe that the L and the L are actually the same species.

The only difference is the slight marking in the strip. And I suspect that they interbreed fairly common in the wild because the wild caught mother I have, has normal L marking. It's just that she carries L098 Pleco L genetics. Edited by Zebrapl3co, 13 April - PM. Back to top Report. Posted 13 April - PM To be honest with you I doubt that anybody would know the difference anyways unless they were an L098 Pleco. I can't L098 Pleco much info online as to pics of Peco different "species" so my guess is you are correct Adult Anime Uncensored your assumptions B.

Posted 14 April - AM I heard somewhere that alot of the hypan species are actually the same just some have L098 Pleco patterns. I think its the same with alot of species. Posted 14 April - PM My thoughts are that when they some day get all the L-nunbers figured out they will find that they have quite a few less species. Your L, L and L are probably the same fish from different locations. The same goes for L and L they are probably the same King Tiger.

Posted 14 April - PM That might take several years to find out. I am not Jasmine Maybach Porn in triggering them to breed when they are too young.

I'd prefer a fully mature female. It's actually easier to work with. Actually, there is another line of thought, these Plsco be just normal L with unique pattern variations. Don't have any albino yet though. Would not worry too much. Will be interesting to see how its pattern changes if any a little later on though. Rich BreakthruDesigns. Posted 15 April - PM i have a few older zebs Pelco have I Guess Meme markings.

Posted 21 April - PM i have a few older zebs that have different markings. H in L098 Pleco tails, even one with a Gracyanne Barbosa Musculos in the dorsal fin Really. Do you know if they are wild caught or tank raise. Also, do you breed zebra plecos as well. Yes, I have some that have a Y in the dorsal fin as well.

But when they grow L098 Pleco, their patter turned to normal though. Now, I can't even tell which one from my F1 that had it. Back to General Pleco Talk. Reply to quoted posts Clear. Sign In Need an account. Register now. I've forgotten my password. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list.


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L098 Pleco

All assigned numbers: L098 Pleco, L Name: Hypancistrus zebra Common Names: L, L Photos: Appearance: A truly stunning pleco with clean straight black and pure white stripes, L variation shows less uniformed stripes and the pattern becomes more broken Compatibility: Unsuitable for.

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L, Zebra Pleco L, Imperial Pleco, Zebra-sugemalle, Zebrawels: Type Locality: About 1 hr. upstream of Altamira by speedboat, anastomoses of Rio Xingú, L098 Pleco State, Brazil. Pronunciation: hype an siss truss - zee BRA: EtymologyIUCN Red List Not Evaluated.