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Retro Hornsgatan

Retro Hornsgatan

Retro Hornsgatan


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Meet up with your friends, colleagues, fellow students or family for a pleasant dinner or drink in a nice environment with good service. A nice after work with the Retro Hornsgatan, a tasty dinner with friends over a football game, or fresh drinks at the bar?.

Retro Hornsgatan

At Retro Hornsgataj & Restaurants we offer drinks for all tastes. With a wide selection of beer, wine, cider, whisky and other spirits there is something for everyone. In our drink list you will find everything from classic cocktails like Cosmopolitan and Old Retro Hornsgatan to fresh drinks like Mowcow Mule and Mojitos or Daiqiuris in several fruity flavors.

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RETRO BAR & RESTAURANT HORNSGATAN. Hornsgatan Södermalm / Hornstull Stockholm +46 8 84 56 11 [email protected] Go to Retro Hornsgatan. RETRO BAR & RESTAURANT SOFO. Bondegatan 25 Retro Hornsgatan / SoFo Stockholm +46 8 44 18 [email protected] Go to Retro SoFo. RETRO BAR & RESTAURANT KUNGSHOLMEN.