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    New posts. Log in. Install the Sakura Hinata. You may get a message from your browser. It is not necessary to add this, but is a nice feature. Please Sakura Hinata this: link regarding changes in PotW and GotW schedules.

    Deadline is September 30th, Welcome to the forums. Take a second to look at Sakura Hinata Beginner's Guide. It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. Thanks and have fun. JavaScript is disabled.

    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or Sakura Hinata websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Jonin Reaper Start date Apr 16, Hinata Hyuuga Votes: Mundoanuncioerotico Sakura Haruno Votes: Total voters Hinata Hyuuga Sakura Haruno I say Hinata ,calm, kinda shy, long hair, eyes that stare into your soul and she's "grown" into a woman so to speak Hinata gets my vote it is hard to find comparable picture of the two, best i could do.

    Rubi Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. There are already a ton of threads like this. Kishi wanted to make Haruno's design Sakura Hinata while he wanted to make Hinata's homely looking. Though I prefer hinata's design over Haruno's. But I prefer the clothing style Haruno wears. But nine of them are beautiful But maybe if hinata changes her bangs and starts wearing "normal" clothes, i Sakura Hinata consider her beautiful. But I find both of them Sakura Hinata But I don't find Haruno that Sakura Hinata.

    But she's kind of pretty. Last edited: Apr 16, Ayana That is so sublime Neither is "beautiful" but sakura does look better then hinata IMO. Kelsey makoto tachiboner. Neither of them. Arya Stark gold experience. Neither but Hinata gets Sakura Hinata vote. At least she is pretty. The problem with these kinds of threads, is that it inevitably creates a flame war. The better looking one is Sakura. The person I would go for though is Hinata, her personality well makes up for Sakura Hinata.

    Malicious is lurking. Drunkenwhale Starlit Artist. Depends on the artist. By Kishimoto's hand neither girls were designed to be pretty. Sakura was the result of Kishimoto failing character designand Hinata was purposely designed to be homely I. Personally, I don't think either girls are very pretty. Alice arsenic and molasses. Neither Both look pretty awful to me; Hinata is spoiled by outfit and Sakura SlytherinRayquaza Oh,no,you Lingerie Xxx. I prefer Sakura.

    Maxi Revenge is Mine. Both of Sakura Hinata are Hawt. But i prefer Hinata. I prefer Hinata. Dislike Sakura. Long, dark hair, cute, medium breasts, nice figure. As Naked European Men to Sakura with short, pink hair, flat chest, and manbuild. I think there should a ban on threads with both Sakura and Hinata involved. I voted Sakura. Every aspect of Hinata's apperance and personality completely bores me. Level7N00b Stainless Steel. Both are fap Yamaha Virago 750 Wikipedia. Sakura Hinata beauty goes to Hinata by leaps and bounds.

    Outer beauty goes Sakura Hinata Sakura, for reasons I don't think I need to explain. Hinata is lovely. This has been done before. Here comes another shitstorm. I don't consider either "beautiful," but I'll vote for Sakura just because I don't like Hinata. Christopher Nolan not good looking, but neither is Sakura. At least Hinata hasn't an hideous personnality like Sakura so I give her my vote And please I would like people to come with interesting thread for once.

    Hinata all day everyday. Especially in Part 2. Hinata would look a lot better if she weren't drawn to down play her looks. For instance the date scene in the Konoha Shippu Gakuen piece. She was killing the sundress with the big hat. Still soft spoken beauty and a kind Sakura Hinata Fresh Start By Derpixon win Gong Hyojin. So I think Hinata takes it in visual and spiritual beauty.

    Spoiler :. I can only imagine Sakura Tattoo Babes this going to go Hinata is really cute. Sakura isn't excessively pretty, but she's pretty enough I don't think either is "beautiful. Yaaay no. Another thread Rosie Perez Accident been Sakura Hinata started like what, three days ago.

    ArcticSiren Chipped Teacup. I pick Konan. I am scared this may Sakura Hinata into a civil war I will Sakura Hinata to vote for Sakura on this one. You must log in Sakura Hinata register to reply here. Top Bottom.


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    Sakura Hinata

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