How to care for your hair: a guide to action

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to properly care for your hair, knowing its type and problem
  • How to care for highlighted hair
  • How to care for hair extensions
  • How to care for curling your hair
  • What hair care procedures do beauty salons offer today, and how much does it cost?

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Since ancient times, it was believed that hair is the wealth and strength of a person. The beauties were famous for their long, shiny hair, carefully caring for them throughout their lives. And in the 21st century, little has changed. Women with beautiful and well-groomed hair always look irresistible and are in the spotlight. How to care for your hair? After all, often gorgeous hair is not only good heredity, but also regular and high-quality care. Even with beautiful curls, if you do not maintain their health and beauty, you can lose your treasure with age. Let’s figure out how to care for your hair in order to catch admiring glances on yourself. So, everything in order.

How to properly care for your hair, knowing its type and problem

First of all, you should decide on the type of hair, because hair, different in structure, requires different care.

How to care for normal hair

If you have normal hair, it stays shiny and fresh for another 2-3 days after washing. You are in luck, because they are easy to comb, they do not get confused and they rarely split. It is very easy to care for these types of hair, the hair lends itself perfectly to any styling, and the done hairstyle lasts a long time.

You are a happy owner of normal hair type if you have hair:

  • Strong;
  • Elastic and soft;
  • With a healthy natural sheen;
  • Shimmer and play in the sun.

This type of hair is most often found in young girls who lead a healthy lifestyle. How to care for normal hair? Such hair does not cause much trouble to its owner. Of course, you cannot do without supporting procedures. The use of a mask for normal hair type and the same shampoo is required. Do not forget about dietary supplements and vitamins.

Normal hair is unpretentious to care for, however, if you do not maintain their health with suitable shampoos and conditioners, then the most beautiful hair will look poor.

How to care for dry hair

Unlike normal hair, dry hair already needs more delicate and gentle care.

Signs of dry hair:

  • Tarnished, without natural radiance;
  • Weak and fragile;
  • Difficult to comb;
  • They tend to get confused;
  • Tendency to split ends;
  • Dry dandruff may appear.

Owners of dry hair need to know how to care for this type of hair. Dry hair becomes weak and dull without proper care. This is especially true of situations when the girl herself exposes them to negative effects, for example, preferring too tight braids, dyeing hair with an oxidizer, straightening hair with heat-irons, staying in frosty or windy weather without a hat, etc. In such cases, without proper care, dry hair will have a very difficult time, because the structure of the hair may change, leading to its splitting.

How to care for this type of hair? In such a situation, you can monitor the condition of the hair in various ways. You cannot do without special vitamin shampoos, which are dominated by cream or oil compositions. Along with the shampoo, choose a special balm, a mask for dry hair, a spray for easy combing, and leave-in cream. These hair care products contain a variety of oily compositions to help provide the hair with beneficial substances.

In addition, you can make masks and wraps yourself, adding nurturing hair oils to the composition applied to your curls. It is best to do this before washing your hair so that the mask is completely washed off the hair. It is also good to apply useful formulations to the scalp, since vitamins are supplied to the hair along the entire length through the hair follicles. When using an oil-based formula, pay attention to the split ends. If we are talking about aggressive masks for more intensive growth, apply them especially to the roots.

Do not be lazy to care for your hair in all available ways, but also try to protect it from new damage. Hair should not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, and in cold weather it must be hidden under a hat. If you want to dye your hair, buy ammonia-free dyes. Also, do not forget that after this procedure you need a special caring cosmetics for your hair.

How to care for oily hair

Girls who by nature have oily hair are often very worried about this. The increased work of the sebaceous glands with this type of hair results in permanent problems with the appearance of the hair. How to care for oily hair? After all, these difficulties often concern men, especially at a young age during periods of great physical activity.

Oily hair properties:

  • Greasy shine;
  • Softness, elasticity;
  • Dense texture;
  • Rapid contamination;
  • Difficulty laying.

Of course, such hair requires special attention. To ensure proper care, pay attention not only to the hair itself, but also to the composition of your diet. In this case, it is not so much caring hair masks that are important, but proper washing. Do not wash oily hair under hot water. Sparing shampoos and moisturizing balms will not be helpful. Choose a special shampoo just for your case. Use herbal rinses such as stinging nettle, coltsfoot, sage, or seaweed as a grooming agent.

To reduce the work of the sebaceous glands, do not comb your hair too vigorously and try to use a hairdryer as little as possible. If we talk about nutrition, then fat secretion is increased by meals with a high salt content, too spicy dishes and, of course, high in animal fats.

How to care for mixed or combination hair

If you have long hair, chances are you are familiar with the problem of mixed hair. Keeping track of this type of hair is not easy because the roots tend to be greasy, but the ends are dry and brittle.

How to care for long hair prone to this problem? Care should be two-sided: firstly, it is necessary to degrease the roots and reduce the work of the sebaceous glands, and secondly, to strengthen and protect the tips from negative influences. Try to apply shampoo only at the roots, and conditioners and oily masks – only at the ends. Cut your hair regularly so that cutting it off is not a hassle for you. Try not to overheat or overcool your hair.

But do not forget that you need to be careful when washing and degreasing your hair. The overly aggressive effect of shampoo with frequent washing will only strengthen the work of the sebaceous glands. Try not to wash your hair too often, guided by your capabilities and daily routine. And while doing this, be sure to moisturize the ends.

How to care for split ends

Split ends are one of the main problems of all girls. This process is very difficult to control, especially if the hair is rather dry. At the same time, it is not very pleasant to see your hair in this state.

It is better to take care of this type of hair by making a haircut not ordinary, but with hot scissors. Keratin straightening can also help. These methods help to avoid splitting the hair and make it thicker.

Among the products that help in caring for split ends, there are products that “stick together” the ends, which most often do not need to be washed off, as well as natural ingredients that also have a regenerating effect.

How to care for fine hair

In general, fine hair is not particularly difficult to care for. Their only drawback is the lack of volume.

Fine hair properties:

  • Fragile structure;
  • Difficulty styling your hair;
  • Disobedience;
  • Lack of volume.

It is impossible to change the thickness of the hair, since this characteristic is transmitted to us along with genes. So if your hair is of this type, hair care products and a variety of ways to create volume can help you a little. In this case, it is worth doing a geometric haircut with an average hair length that can withstand artificial volume. By the way, it is better to create it with curlers.

When it comes to grooming, these hairs need moisture to improve their overall health and attractiveness. This can be helped by products containing vitamins and minerals, as well as lamination or keratin restoration.

How to care for fluffy hair

This type of hair gives its owner a lot of trouble, because it is not easy to take care of such hair. Fluffy hair has the following properties:

  • Tendency to section;
  • Disobedience;
  • Difficulty in combing;
  • Porous structure, which leads to increased absorption of harmful substances;
  • Fluffy texture.

The advantage of this type of hair is that it keeps the hair well. However, the condition of the hair should be constantly maintained with the help of cosmetic procedures and special nourishing masks or balms. Caring cosmetics for this type of hair can be different.

It is curious that with age, hair can both become weaker, lifeless, acquire a tendency to split and fall out, and become more oily at the roots. Undoubtedly, oily hair is most typical for young people, but in general, the structure and type of hair is individual in each case. One way or another, if a girl takes care of her hair, she has a much higher chance of maintaining their beauty in the future. So don’t forget to pamper your hair with nourishing treatments, drink vitamins and live a healthy lifestyle!

How to care for your hair to grow faster

  1. Proper washing. Your shampoo should contain vitamins and minerals that will allow your hair to grow healthy. Use hair care products that are right for your hair, depending on what type of hair it is – oily, dry, split ends, etc.
  2. Competent haircut. Talk to your hairdresser about which haircut is most suitable not only for your face shape, but also for your hair type. Visit salons regularly so as not to aggravate the condition of the ends that split. Maintain hair length for maximum volume and healthy looking hair.
  3. Head massage. Take a few minutes a day to give yourself a scalp massage. This method will help increase blood flow to your hair follicles. Along with this, the hair will receive more nutrients necessary for hair growth. Get in the habit of brushing your hair with a massage comb every day. Taking care of them in this way is simple, but very useful.
  4. Elimination of complex hairstyles and traumatic procedures. These include coloring with dyes containing ammonia, lightening hair and using aggressive cosmetics. All this will damage both the condition of the hair and its growth. Do not torment your hair with constant curls, elaborate hairstyles, and pulling with bobby pins or rubber bands. This can lead to breakage, shedding and splitting. Damaged hair is very difficult to take care of. The only exception is the use of hot oil, which can improve blood flow to the head.
  5. Taking vitamins. In the modern world, it is very difficult to provide your body with the necessary amount of vitamins only through nutrition. People with any health problems, including hair condition, need to take special vitamins. Surprisingly, you can take care of your hair without touching it: if you regularly use vitamins, your hair will thank you for it. Particularly important for the condition of hair is such a trace element as iron. However, before taking vitamins, you should consult your doctor who will help you find the optimal dosage.

How to care for your hair extensions

Hair extension is an extremely popular procedure these days, especially among young girls. This way you can change your appearance for the better, but there are a number of rules on how to care for your hair when you have gone through such a procedure. Here are some simple tips:

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  1. Don’t wash your hair for the first two days. It will not be superfluous to use specialized products for washing and caring for hair extensions, which will provide the necessary moisture. Otherwise, a neutral shampoo that does not contain aggressive ingredients is suitable. Do not use shampoos labeled “for oily hair” or “for dry hair”, as in this situation they can harm you.
  2. Wash your hair gently, applying shampoo from the roots. Keep it on your hair for no more than a couple of minutes, and then rinse with water and use the balm, distributing it along the entire length of the hair. But avoid the attachment points when washing! Do not tangle your hair when washing it.
  3. It is best to wash your hair extensions, for example while standing in the shower. If you wash your hair backward, it can become tangled. Wash your hair only with warm water.
  4. Do not squeeze or curl your hair with a towel when drying. Do this gently, blotting the entire length of your hair until it is dry.
  5. Try to minimize the presence of a hair dryer and curling iron in your life, as this can damage the appearance of your hair. Dry with a hairdryer in fast mode. Remember to use heat protection sprays and hair care products.
  6. Start brushing your hair when it dries a little. Use a massage comb without balls or purchase a special comb with sparse teeth from the salon. Start at the ends to reduce the chance of combing out the extended strands. Make sure your hair is not tangled at the roots. It is necessary to comb the capsule attachment points well. Remember to comb your hair several times a day.
  7. Don’t go to bed when your hair is still wet. Thus, the efforts of the master can be nullified, and the hair extensions will not only deteriorate themselves, but can also ruin your own hair. Dry your hair and put it in a ponytail or pigtail before going to bed.
  8. If you go to the solarium or sauna, wear a rubber cap to prevent your hair from overheating. Do not brush immediately after your hair is hot.
  9. After contact with sea water or water with bleach from the pool, wash it with shampoo and use a protective balm. If you have straight hair, it is enough to apply hair care products only to the ends, but if your hair is wavy – almost the entire length.
  10. Avoid getting masks and other care products on the capsules and hair roots, as this can provoke their softening and slipping. Otherwise, you can apply any product to the entire mass of hair.
  11. If you want to change your hair color, it is wiser to do so before extending it. You can dye it after, but then contact an experienced master, since getting paint into the hair attachment points is undesirable.
  12. If we talk about styling, the principle is still the same. Do not touch the attachment points and use neutral styling products. It is worth consulting with a specialist, and entrust complex hairstyles only to a professional.
  13. Do not forget that it is necessary to regularly undergo correction of hair extensions, taking into account the growth of your own. If your extension was made using capsules, you should contact the salon after four months, and if using tapes – after two.
  14. It is recommended to remove the hair extensions every three months so that your own hair can rest. This procedure is done exclusively in the salon using a special solution.

It is worth noting that not all hair extensions require such gentle care. It all depends on the technology used. Especially carefully you need to take care of hair, extended using English technology. They can be washed only with diluted shampoo, and the use of masks and balms is completely excluded. Spanish technology requires careful handling of capsules, and Italian is the most unpretentious. How to care for hair extensions, you can discuss with your master: he will tell you what exactly is contraindicated and what is permissible in your particular case.

10 tips on how to care for colored hair

Coloring is one of the most powerful harmful factors for hair. It far surpasses the harmful effects of using a hair dryer and curling, which also does not make our hair healthier. If you look at colored hair under a microscope, you will notice that towards the end it becomes dry, brittle and split. If we are talking about constant coloring or the use of aggressive paints, the changes will be noticeable even with the naked eye and are unlikely to please you.

The hair that you expose to this effect needs careful and professional care. How to care for hair after dyeing will be described below.

Few people know that one of the important rules for the care of dyed hair is to ban curling or straightening devices. For several weeks after the dyeing procedure, you should take care of your hair and not expose it to the influence of high temperatures. Do not forget that thermal procedures are harmful even for healthy hair, and in this case they are even dangerous.

To take better care of your hair after dyeing, remember:

  1. Trim the ends of your hair once a month. This will help them recover quickly and also make them healthier and more obedient.
  2. To wash hair that has been dyed, be sure to use a specialized shampoo. You should not wash your hair too often and do not leave the shampoo on your hair for more than a few minutes, as otherwise the hair will be dry and brittle.
  3. Take care of the health of your hair with conditioners-conditioners, paying special attention to damaged ends. If you want to properly care for your hair, try to completely rinse off any products you apply to your hair. Otherwise, the hair will become dirty faster, and it will look unkempt.
  4. Do not rub or pull the hair together with a towel. Dry them gently, blotting the entire length of the hair with a towel for a while. But do not neglect wiping, so as not to prolong the drying time too much with the hair dryer.
  5. When using a hairdryer, do not try to dry your hair completely, leave it slightly damp.
  6. A big plus will be the use of a hairbrush with natural bristles or combs with sparse teeth. This way you will cause less damage to your hair when brushing.
  7. It is permissible to use a hairdryer for styling, but a strict prohibition is imposed on heated rollers. Such an intense temperature effect on colored hair is unacceptable.
  8. When choosing a composition for styling, pay attention to wax or modeling paste. These styling products do not affect the hair as much as, say, a styling gel. In general, styling products should not be used very often.
  9. In sunny weather, dyed hair simply needs to be covered with a hat. Direct UV rays will cause hair to fade and discolor. Long hair can be protected with oil or sunscreen.
  10. Complete hair coloring is permissible twice a year. More frequent coloring will lead to destruction of the hair structure. Damaged hair should simply be cut and looked after as thoroughly as possible. Daily grooming and nurturing will do the trick and your hair will look much better. Knowing how to take care of your hair after dyeing, you will help them to keep their original appearance and make a gift to yourself and your appearance.

How to care for keratin hair

Many girls dream of making their hair straight and smooth, and now this is possible thanks to the keratin straightening procedure. The name “molecular straightening” is also known, since the effect on the hair is performed at the molecular level. This procedure is widespread in our country, this service is offered by almost every beauty salon. However, not every girl knows how to care for her hair after keratin straightening.

In this matter, it is important to understand the essence of the procedure in question. Keratins are special proteins that form the basis of the hair coat and are often used to care for them. At multiple magnification, they will look like a kind of scales. When hair is healthy, its keratin particles adhere tightly to the hair, and we see it smooth and strong. With constant exposure to any traumatic factors, keratin can collapse, and the hair, as a result, will become dull, brittle and unpleasant in appearance.

In this sense, keratin straightening is not only a cosmetic but also a medical procedure. The composition that is used in it includes the same keratin – the main component of the hair sheath. Due to its biological properties, it coats the hair, making it look healthier and smoother.

The keratin straightening procedure begins with a thorough shampooing, after which there should be no styling products and other cosmetic components on the hair. A keratin composition is applied to the hair, designed to take care of the hair, which is smoothed with a ceramic iron.

Hair after keratin straightening will look healthy and shiny. But after keratin straightening you will have to take care of your hair no less than before the magic procedure. Improper handling can negate the entire miraculous effect. First of all, the hair cannot be washed for two days after straightening. The keratin composition continues to look after, and should not be washed off prematurely. Also, make sure that there are no traces of rubber bands or hairpins on your hair, the shape of which the hair will retain for a long time.

If in the salon you are offered to purchase a special shampoo that will help take care of your hair after straightening, do not refuse. It can cost more than the usual detergents, but it will take better care of it. If you have decided on keratin straightening, be ready to care for your hair accordingly. It is especially important not to use hair products that contain sodium chloride and sulfates. For more information on how to care for hair after keratin straightening, you can ask your master.

Train yourself to think that you need to take care of your keratin hair very carefully and delicately. If you are going to relax on the sea or go to the pool, be sure to apply a protective balm to your hair. To care for your hair after being exposed to salt or chlorinated water, rinse thoroughly. In order not to be disappointed in an expensive procedure, you yourself must maintain the effect obtained and know how to care for hair after keratin straightening.

How to care for curling your hair immediately after your procedure

The first day after a perm

Perm is a special procedure. A rare girl will be able to decide on such an experiment. There is a lot of talk about the fact that such procedures can cause irreparable harm to the hair, and after that the need to carefully care for the hair does its job. However, many people forget that how the hair will look depends directly on your own actions, on whether you will properly care for them.

The first day of your curling life is of particular importance. During this period, the water should not touch the hair, you should not dry your hair with a hairdryer, curl and generally apply any form of exposure to it. On the first day, you need to monitor and care for your hair: any carelessness – and the work of the master will go down the drain. If you do not follow these rules, then as a result you will get a shock of unruly hair sticking out in different directions.

Hair washing after a perm

How to wash and care for hair after a perm? Let’s not be cunning, curling using chemicals is a great stress for hair, which is constantly exposed to weather and other destructive factors. They need to be looked after 10 times more than you did before the procedure. The first step is to wash with a suitable shampoo. He should be as gentle as possible so as not to disturb the already injured hair. Permanent shampoos are a good option.

About once a week, you definitely need to apply hair care products to improve their condition. Oil-based formulations that penetrate and nourish the hair more deeply are suitable.

Drying with a hairdryer is better not to apply at all. As a last resort, use a diffusing nozzle. And, of course, it is forbidden to go to bed until the hair is dry, which will irrevocably ruin its shape.

Brushing and styling hair with a perm

Treat your hair as little as possible, try to comb it only when necessary. Brush carefully so as not to damage the curls. Better to use a comb with sharp teeth. As a result of harsh exposure, the hair will react to each stimulus very sharply.

As a result, it is better to refuse to dry your hair with a hairdryer and any other heat effects. Give your hair a break from constant exposure. Hair can be easily shaped with the hands.

Restoration of hair structure after perm

To make your hair look healthy as soon as possible, you need to take care of it regularly and carefully. Use nourishing hair oils and masks. A good result can be achieved if you follow a course of 10 hair masks. In any case, take the time to groom your hair at least once a week.

Also, monitor the condition of the ends and do not forget to take care of them. Due to the general weakening of the hair, they will begin to split. It is necessary to lubricate them every day with some kind of split ends and trim them regularly to prevent split ends.

Do not let any destructive effects on your hair. This applies to overheating in the sun or in a solarium, hypothermia in winter, exposure to strong winds. Consider protecting your hair at all times.

How to care for highlighted hair

After highlighting, as well as after other traumatic procedures, you need to know how to care for your hair. Choose a shampoo for dry and brittle hair – this is a gentle way to wash and care at the same time, and it also contains fewer chemicals. The color of the shampoo will also be a good indicator: transparent ones are preferable, since they do not use silicones, leading to fading of highlighted hair, because bleached hair requires special care.

How to take care of your hair at home when it is damaged? In our case, it is necessary to rid the hair of alkali deposited on it, for which special rinses are suitable. This is done immediately after highlighting so that the active substances penetrate into the hair structure and begin to take care of it. To neutralize the alkali to the end, specialists use a shampoo with an acidic pH.

After that, you will also have to try to care for your hair. It is necessary to wash them with shampoo two times: the first time, applying the detergent to the roots, and the second to the hair itself. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of shampoo and the time it is on the skin. Use a mild conditioner instead of a balm, which will make your hair easy to comb and less tangles. You can use products that will look after and do not require rinsing with water.

Gel fluid is also an interesting tool. It not only helps during styling, but also makes hair straighter and smoother.

To understand how to care for your hair after lightening, you can use general hair care tips. Avoid overdrying by using soft towels to remove excess moisture from your hair. Do not comb your hair until it is dry, do not squeeze it out with great force, and try to use more nourishing hair cosmetics.

Remember our old friend – a comb with rare teeth, which is suitable for all cases when it is important for us not to damage our hair even more after one or another exposure. Massage will also not be superfluous – one of the means to care for the scalp.

To reduce the risk to which you expose your hair when drying, turn on the hair dryer on a gentle setting and use the diffuser attachments. Try not to overheat a particular area of ​​the hair and take care of them. It may take a little more time for this, but your hair will be grateful to you for such gentle care and care.

Hair care cosmetics are essential for hair after lightening. Give preference to natural cosmetics with moisturizing properties, containing vitamin and mineral supplements.

Do not forget that blonde hair is poorly protected from ultraviolet radiation, so you should not be in the sun without a headdress. Hair can burn out and yellowness appears, especially on the roots.

What is the best way to care for your hair if you have lightened it? Buy special anti-yellow products. For example, there are shampoos that add purple pigment. It does a good job of neutralizing the yellow tint on blonde hair. It is easy to use: soak the product on wet hair for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly. By the way, shampoos to neutralize yellowness in gray hair have the same properties.

The best natural mask for light hair is a mixture of yolk with a tablespoon of olive extract and a small amount of natural honey. This mixture should be evenly distributed over the hair, wrapped in a towel and kept for 30-40 minutes. The product can be easily washed off under running water, and the result with prolonged use will certainly please you.

Believe it or not, even plain kefir or yogurt will help your hair look healthier and stronger. The vitamins contained in them in excess restore the hair structure no worse than professional products. Home remedies should be kept on the hair for a long time so that they have time to produce the desired effect.

Also one of the most popular remedies is burdock extract, which can be bought at any store. This tool is so useful that you can use it up to several times a week, keeping it on your hair as long as your free time allows. After that, the oil should be thoroughly washed off so that the hair does not shine.

The effect of such funds on hair occurs in two directions – they nourish weakened hair and reduce the level of the sebaceous glands. Thus, we not only heal the hair, but also create favorable conditions so that it can be washed less often and injured with detergents.

Remember that if your hair has been badly damaged, it will take time and money to restore it. If you follow the recommendations scrupulously, you will not regret that you have decided on such a procedure so that your hair has the color that you like.

Hair care treatments offered by beauty salons

In the life of a modern woman, there are many negative factors that affect the health of her hair, ranging from substances contained in the atmosphere and weather phenomena, ending with the influence of food, stress and the general condition of the body. You need to take care of yourself! Hair, such as nails and skin color, are one indicator that something is wrong with the body. We can talk about a lack of vitamins, psychological problems or, for example, chemical damage. After all, we constantly wash our hair with shampoos with various chemicals, we often forget to care for or choose the wrong means to care for our hair. Any bad habits will also have a bad effect on how your hair looks. For any of the above reasons, you may one day notice that the hair is not as shiny and voluminous as some girls, who know how to look after them. In such a situation, of course, it will not be superfluous to start on your own, relying on the advice of friends or consultants, to care for your hair using masks and formulations purchased in a store or prepared at home. Some of them can really benefit you, and some will not bring any result. But in especially severe cases, it becomes a necessary measure to visit professionals who know how to care for hair.

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Experts know for certain which means, how and in what cases will be best used. You can ask such questions, for example, by visiting the professional Veronika Herba Beauty Center. In the salons, many different procedures are carried out, which in one way or another restore health, and, accordingly, the appearance of your curls. But many of the names of the procedures, which will be discussed below, are very vaguely familiar to the girls. Therefore, before taking care of your hair in the salon, let’s take a look at the most famous ones with all their pros and cons.


This is not only one of the most popular, but also one of the most effective ways if a girl takes care of her hair and wants it to look great. The essence of this method is to take care of the hair with a special compound that forms a protective film that protects it from external influences. After lamination, the hair looks surprisingly straight and smooth, which it could never have before, even if it is very carefully looked after. By isolating your hair from each other and getting rid of static electricity, you will forget about problems with combing and styling.

However, it is believed that lamination is not entirely safe. First of all, this is due to the poor awareness of many girls. But be sure that if you turn to professionals in your field and in the future take care of your hair according to the recommendations, lamination will only benefit you.

Another type of this service is biolamination. In essence, this is almost the same, only a biologically active substance will be included in the composition that will take care of the hair. The cost of this procedure is about 1,500 rubles.

Pros of lamination:

  • Speed ​​of execution;
  • Acquisition of shine, brightness, lightness;
  • Protection of hair from damaging effects.

Cons of lamination:

  • Short-lived effect;
  • Lack of deep treatment;
  • Impossibility to use for weakened hair.


If you are thinking about how to care for your hair after dyeing or highlighting, when it is most susceptible to breakage, this method is for you. This “edible” name for the procedure means that the hair will receive a dose of ceramides, which are the “building blocks” and the best helper for hair care. Here we are talking about taking care of the structure. Glazing can be carried out only on the roots or along the entire length of the hair. The result of such a procedure will be noticeable up to six weeks, but it largely depends on how often you will “wash off” the applied substances with shampoo and how well you will take care of them. The cost of such a procedure starts from 1200 rubles.

Pros of glazing:

  • The ability to change the tone of the hair;
  • The effect of increasing the volume.

Cons of glazing:

  • Short-lived effect;
  • Lack of deep treatment.

Molecular gloss

The cost of this procedure is about 1,500 rubles. But its significant advantage is that it uses real medications to care for hair. It is a deep treatment and restoration of hair filling. The quality of the reaction is achieved by heating the composition with the medicine applied to the hair. In terms of duration, this procedure takes about two hours, and the result will last about four weeks.

Pros of glossing:

  • Qualitative improvement in the appearance of hair;
  • Deep hair treatment from roots to ends;
  • Helps to reduce hair loss and breakage.

Cons of gloss:

  • Inability to use on colored hair.


Also a popular way to take care of your hair in a salon. In this case, hair care products will provide you with a beautiful appearance, an increase in volume and a gloss effect. Shielding can be colored, but this is not a method of coloring, but only an opportunity to make your own color more attractive and take care of it.

Pros of shielding:

  • Fast execution;
  • Healthy-looking hair.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  • Fragility;
  • High cost.


The better known name for this method is mesotherapy. This is one of the outstanding ways to care for your hair. The master will use a mixture rich in vitamins and useful microelements that can provide high-quality hair care. Such a composition acts primarily on the glands responsible for the secretion of sebum. Also, if you want to know how to take care of your hair so that it grows quickly – this technique is one of the most effective in this direction.

However, not all so simple. The positive effect of the procedure will be noticeable only after four sessions. At the same time, taking care of your hair in this way is not very pleasant.

Pros of biorevitalization:

  • Long lasting and deep effect;
  • Suitable for the weakest hair.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  • Painful sensations during the procedure;
  • The need for several sessions;
  • High cost.


Taking care of your hair with keratins in one form or another is more than popular, because keratin is one of the most useful elements for hair restoration. In spas, the best quality procedure is to cover the hair with a medicinal composition with keratin, which improves its appearance and helps to care for it.

You will be able to feel all the positive effects of this procedure. Your hair will truly look like you were a movie star and could be cared for all the time.

Pros of keratinization:

  • Fast and efficient;
  • Therapeutic component;
  • The result lasts up to three months.

Cons of keratinization:

  • High cost.


Now you can take care of your hair in a huge number of ways that no one has heard of before. For example, Olaplex was invented in the United States as an effective treatment for and repairing hair that has been seriously damaged. In the past, it was only available to very wealthy ladies who, of course, tried to take care of their hair. But now the cost of this tool remains at a quite acceptable level and has become available to many. It can effectively care when using this technology on straight or curly hair, when combined with polishing, etc.

Olaplex appeared in Russia relatively recently. Now this series is represented by such products as Bon Multiplier # 1, which is added to the dye to care for hair, and brings the effect of deep restoration at the molecular level, and also promotes rapid growth and high-quality hair saturation, as well as Bond Perfector, which is already applied after staining in order to fix the result and take care to a greater extent.

This product is especially suitable for taking care of hair that has changed from dark to light color, or for initially light hair. During dyeing, Olaplex products create a kind of protective cushion between the hair and the dye, due to which the internal filling of the hair will not suffer from a harsh procedure. Hair care products of this line are really popular because of their unique and long-lasting effect.


This word is associated primarily with pumped lips. But among other things, Botox is a composition that includes useful vitamins and proteins that can restore even the most neglected hair, which are not helped by less effective procedures to take care of them. Botox molecules penetrate deeply into the hair and fill it with useful substances. However, don’t try to use this plan yourself! Professional skill is essential for them to take proper care of them.

Botox is one of the most expensive hair care treatments. Although the procedure does not require frequent repetition, even one session can cost about 4 thousand rubles, which is two times more expensive than other usual procedures for us.

Pros of Botox:

  • Silky and natural hair shine;
  • Deep healing and recovery;
  • Effect lasting up to six months;
  • Increase in volume and density of hair.

The absence of contraindications for this procedure is an undoubted plus. The only thing is that it is not carried out with existing wounds and skin diseases.

Boost-up for hair

We are talking about a root perm, which can significantly increase the visual volume of the hair. Due to its stunning external effect, this procedure is very popular. The hair will remain straight, but the hairstyle will look much more voluminous, which cannot but please the girls. Moreover, the effect of such a procedure will last up to six months. A boost-up cannot be done with high quality at home, without special equipment. But in the salon you will surely be satisfied with this procedure. It is more suitable for girls with long hair who lose their volume due to weight, and they need to be specially looked after. It is also noteworthy that taking care of your hair with this technique is not at all difficult, it is not even forbidden to use various means and methods of styling.

Japanese cosmetics Honma Tokyo

It is one of the largest players in the keratin-based hair cosmetics market. It combines the latest technology to create volume at the roots. This brand is distinguished by the quality of products for straightening and restoring hair that has been damaged and needs to be looked after. Honma Tokyo is truly one of the leaders in this field. In addition, with this cosmetics you can take care of your hair at home, and not only in special salons. A wide range of applications of this cosmetics is a definite plus: hair will become much more beautiful and voluminous, regardless of whether you polish, straighten or apply a boost-up.

If a girl cares for her hair, many of the above procedures may be familiar to her, but this is far from the end of the list. This minimum will help you decide what kind of procedure is right for your hair, in order to talk to a professional in the same language in the future. But remember that just like home care, salon care requires repeated treatments to maintain the effect. To care for your hair and always remain attractive, you can use any of the variety that has been described in this article.

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