How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist

  • What types of combs are there and how to choose the right one
  • Expert advice on comb selection and hair care
  • What are the rules of hygiene for hair brushes to consider?

In the cold season, hair care is especially important and the right choice of comb plays a huge role in this process.

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Together with a hair specialist, I figured out how to choose the right comb, what to look for and what are the secrets in hair care.

Secrets of the right choice: types of combs

The expert notes – first of all, it is necessary to decide for what purposes we need a comb. To do this, he divided them into several types:

For wet hair.These combs are used when applying conditioners or masks, after washing, before drying. They usually have synthetic nylon bristles that do not absorb organic matter. In addition, these combs also have an antibacterial effect.

For dry hair… Here, as noted by the expert, combs with artificial bristles are also needed, but with an antistatic effect, which helps to detangle the hair, but not electrify it.

How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist
How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist

Impregnated combs, in which the bristles can be treated with special hair care products.

Comb for drying hair.With a purge base, designed for root drying, it is indispensable for creating volume at the hair roots. Her bristles should be soft, with protection in the form of balls, so as not to injure the scalp.

Comb brush.This comb must be distinguished separately as it is a device for styling, curling and straightening hair. However, the expert says that when choosing it, two aspects must be taken into account:

The coating of the metal drum must be ceramic or tourmaline… In this case, the hair will be protected from contact with metal, this will improve the procedures for the hair, as well as protect against thermal effects.

Stubble.The bristles on the brush should be chosen strictly according to the type of hair. If the hair is thin, a soft comb is needed, if of medium thickness – medium, for coarse hair, a stiff brush is needed, respectively.

How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist 2
How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist 2

The secret to correct use: comb hygiene

Alexander Shevchenko notes that it is not enough to choose a suitable comb for yourself, you also need to monitor its hygiene and wash the hairbrush with detergent. Moreover, some experts argue that this should be done every time after using the comb.

Our expert is not so categorical and says that for cleanliness it is enough to rinse the comb with detergent once a week. This should be done because organic particles accumulate on a dirty comb, which can cause dandruff, increased skin fat and changes in microflora.

Hair care secrets

Comb hair health doesn’t end there. So, the expert told us three of his “proprietary” hair care secrets.

Three main secrets of hair care:

Perfect shampoo… When choosing a shampoo, you need to pay attention not only to the type of hair, but also to the type of scalp. Therefore, you should choose the shampoo that takes into account both factors as much as possible, only in this case you can provide quality care.

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Hydration and nutrition… The expert noted that it is a common mistake for women to choose only one product: either moisturizing or nourishing. As a result, the opposite effect is obtained.

Hair requires both fat-soluble components – these are vitamins, trace elements, and water-soluble – in particular, keratin, which is part of the hair structure. Therefore, so that the hair does not suffer, it is necessary to alternate both nutrition and hydration, which masks do well.

Tip oil.Many people pay attention only to the roots and length of the hair, buying all kinds of products for them, but forget about the ends. However, oil is needed to replenish lipids – a special fatty layer of the hair, without which it can collapse.

How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist 3
How to choose the right comb: secrets from an expert hair stylist 3

Tip for colored, bleached and highlighted hair

The expert singled out this type of hair separately, because after dyeing the hair often becomes dry. It’s all about not only frequent washing, but also the lack of the very lipid layer that performs the protective function of the hair. To compensate for its deficiency, you need to apply a drop of natural caring oil to the ends and comb with a brush with natural bristles. Then you will save dyed hair from brittleness and dryness.

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