Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb.

Everyone knows that hair is an indicator of health. Healthy and well-groomed hair is always beautiful. What girl doesn’t want a head of thick and shiny hair? Brushing regularly and combing correctly is one of the main steps towards beautiful, healthy hair

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In mythology, a comb is a symbol of femininity. In antiquity, aquatic creatures were especially closely associated with the comb. Combed, for example, sirens, mermaids and nereids. The comb was an attribute of many goddesses, especially the goddesses of love and water – Venus, Aphrodite and Thetis.

Combing as a magical action and the comb itself had different meanings: on the one hand, it is a symbol of the beauty and sexual attractiveness of women, but on the other hand, it is a symbol of the mysterious, impassable. In the tales of many cultures there are heroes who, while fleeing, throw a comb behind them, from which a wild impenetrable forest or bush grows, not letting in the pursuers.

It was said of witches that by combing their hair they could influence the weather and cause a storm.


Unfortunately, hair that looks great without special care is not given to everyone, but there are many ways to improve the condition of your hair, give it splendor and shine. The main thing is not to forget that it is health that is the guarantee of beauty.

Straw dry, split, dyed-dyed hair does not look beautiful, even with a good haircut and styling. You need to be healthy to look beautiful.

In advertising every now and then they talk about miracle remedies that “from the second application will make your hair soft and silky” and “stop hair loss in a week.”

Of course, modern hair care products can work wonders, but they are not omnipotent. We often forget that a very important factor in hair health is scalp blood circulation.

An unsuitable comb is quite capable of ruining the hair, which is looked after with the help of high-quality shampoos, balms and masks.

And the history of combs goes back to the distant past …

It is known that in Ancient Egypt and in the East great attention was paid to the beauty of hair. They combed their hair with improvised means: sticks or dried fish ridges, thistles of burdock, finally.

But the hairstyles were getting more complicated. Ancient Romans, for example, cleaned their heads several times a day, and this quirk was so popular that even marble busts and sculptures had removable pieces for changing hairstyles! Of course, for complex hairstyles, the fish ridge as a tool could no longer fit. A special device was needed to comb long hair.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb.
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb.

This is how a special comb appeared. They learned how to carve and carve him from wood, bone, shells. The first combs found in Europe date back to the Stone Age and were made from cow’s horn. Combs were made in different shapes and sizes, but over time, they became fashionable, and they gradually turned into a modest comb, but necessary for every person.

Of course, there is no perfect comb for all occasions. Each comb or brush is designed for a specific purpose.

There are two main types of combs: actually, for combing (combs and brushes) and for styling (brushing, frame brushes). And each type has its own advantages.

Combs for combing

Combs for combing. Experts recommend giving preference to wooden combs – they are healthier for the hair, and besides, they remove static electricity. Sparse teeth gently comb your hair, it is especially convenient to use such a comb after washing your hair.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 2
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 2

The comb is suitable for daily brushing, it is also good for applying masks and styling products, since the wood does not react with chemical compounds.

If you want to tuck your hair into a ponytail or bun, use a fine-toothed comb.

If you are going to do a bouffant, or you have permed hair or just dry and thin strands – choose a silicone comb – it also perfectly removes static electricity and separates the hair.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 3
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 3

Hair brush

Hair brush… For healthy, beautiful hair, daily brushing for a few minutes is a blessing. The hair brush not only removes dust and dirt from the hair, but also increases blood circulation to the scalp, improving hair nutrition and stimulating hair growth. You need to start combing your hair from the back of the head to the forehead, then in all directions, trying to keep your head free, without straining. Thanks to this combing, fatigue and headache are relieved.

If the hair is very brittle, with split ends, then you need to comb it not with a brush, but with a comb.

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If your hair is oily, a hairbrush is also not suitable for you. Do not massage the head: when brushing with a brush, grease from the skin surface is transferred to the hair.

Use a special combs to style your hair.

“Skeletal” comb is made specially for drying hair with a hairdryer. The sparse and coarse teeth help to separate tangled hairs, and the holes allow air to circulate better and thus protect the scalp from scalp burns.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 4
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 4

Round hair brushes (brushing) can be with different bristles – natural, nylon, plastic. This brush is specially designed for hair styling. It is great for creating waves or curls, and in skillful hands will help to stretch (straighten) naughty strands. Be sure to test such a brush for heat resistance.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 5
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 5

Choose your combs based on your hair type – thick or thin, oily or dry – and your intended use.


The first thing to look for when choosing a comb is the material of the product. Combs are made of wood, iron, plastic, ceramic, bone.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a hair brush is the quality of the bristles. The bristles should be firm enough to easily handle the strain on the hair while brushing, but the bristles should also be flexible enough so as not to damage or tangle the hair when brushing.

Bristles, bone and horn

Natural (pork) bristles are considered to be one of the most expensive and at the same time high-quality bristles. The naturalness of the material is easy to recognize when heating or blow-drying the hair. The good thing about natural material is that it does not damage the hair or injure the scalp. Such bristles detangle hair well without electrifying them. But it costs more than plastic counterparts

Wild boar bristle brushes are similar in structure to human hair: both there and there keratin. In addition to its main function, actually combing, they gently massage the scalp, evenly distribute sebum along the entire length of the strands. Natural bristle brushes are most comfortable for long, straight hair and will make your hair look sleek and shiny.

But unraveling the knots with a pig bristle brush is not very convenient. Since natural bristle brushes also remove static electricity, which causes hair to fly apart at the slightest touch, making it much easier to care for long hair.

An even more convenient option would be a mixed bristle brush. It can be used as a massage brush for hair, and it will still be good at combing hair.

The corneous and bony ridges are also considered the most beneficial. A comb with the addition of tourmaline chips will even cure a headache.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 6
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 6


It is best, of course, to purchase combs made from natural materials, such as wood. They take great care of your hair. The good thing about wood is that it does not react with cosmetic products for hair, be it a mask or paint. Therefore, any composition can be applied to the head with a birch or beech comb, without fear of an unexpected result. And birch combs even activate the influence of nutritional ingredients. In addition, they eliminate dandruff, but, unlike beech, are short-lived. Combs made of oak wood have an antistatic effect, and juniper ones are anti-stress.

All this applies only to specimens not touched by varnish. Otherwise, the benefit is zero

The only negative is that due to its fibrous structure, wood is prone to cracks from moisture, which causes split ends. However, wooden combs are considered to be among the safest.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 7
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 7

When choosing a comb, pay attention to the quality of wood polishing: the better it is, the longer the item will last. Combs marked “sawn” or “hand sawn” can be purchased without checking. This mark is equivalent to a quality mark.


If you settled on plastic bristles, use a very simple test: run the teeth or bristles over your hand from the back of your hand, which is more sensitive. If there are no scratches left on the skin, then everything is in order, you can buy and use.

Plastic is the most hygienic material and is very easy to clean. Perhaps this is their only advantage. And, of course, if you need to make a bouffant, no comb can do this task as well as a plastic one. For combing, it is convenient, a comb with frequent or uneven teeth.

On the surface of an ordinary plastic (plastic) comb, a charge of static electricity is created (plastic can create a discharge of up to 100 thousand volts) and the hair is electrified from it. Therefore, ask your dealer if the plastic comb has an anti-static coating.

And from the hot air of the hair dryer, the plastic heats up and releases toxins. Plastic combs quickly become dirty, hair grease and dust adhere to them. Therefore, these combs need to be washed more often and changed at least after three months.

Plastic teeth are short-lived; over time, microcracks appear on them. As a result, the brush can damage the surface layer of the hair. You’ve probably noticed that the brush you just bought glides through your hair like butter. And over time, she begins to get stuck in the strands, comb them poorly and even confuses her hair. This is the very signal that it is time to change the comb. Besides, plastic teeth break easily and fall out. The exception is the combs made of rhodoid: plastic based on cellulose acetate.


An interesting novelty from professional brands – the carbon comb – made of carbon fiber with ceramic coating. It is of various sizes with often and far-apart teeth.

Such a comb very delicately combes the hair, makes the hair smooth, besides it retains its properties for a long time, is not afraid of dirt and does not require special care. The carbon comb can be used to trim, color, comb, lift strands and distribute curls. Thanks to the material, the comb literally glides through the hair without damaging its structure, does not electrify and does not enter into a chemical reaction with drugs when dyed.


Today there is a new class of combs. They are often called silicone but are actually made from an alloy of plastic and silicone. They are usually cream in color. These combs do not electrify the hair. They are usually engraved with anti-static. Moreover, they are very easy to clean.

The silicone comb is suitable for cutting and dyeing, it is convenient to comb curly hair with it and separate it into separate neat strands. The silicone comb will evenly distribute the mask, foam or mousse over the entire length of the hair.


Suitable for almost all types and types of hair: from thin short to thick curly. Outperforms a brush with natural bristles due to its exceptional softness and delicacy. The nylon brush is great for weak, damaged and baby hair.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 8
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 8


Hard rubber combs provide amazing shine to curls and remove static electricity. Also, the rubber comb is suitable for combing your hair while washing. Such a comb for hair will be the least traumatic, because wet hair and scalp are much more vulnerable than dry ones, and they require very gentle care.


A metal comb with a row of close-toothed teeth is ideal for combing and separating curls. The rounded-tooth comb will handle even the most tangled hair. A metal comb removes static electricity, but hairdressers do not recommend using this comb every day.

The metal comb treats the hair in the most unceremonious way: it breaks, tears and scratches the scalp. If there are no protective “balls” on the metal teeth of the comb, you must be careful with it so as not to pull out your hair.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 9
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 9

And that is not all. Metal chemically reacts with hair dye and can change hair color in unpredictable ways.


When buying a comb, pay attention to what the comb handle is made of. The best are rubberized or silicone grips. They do not slip out of your hands when blow-drying your hair.

An equally important role is played by the “pillow” from which teeth and bristles stick out. If you take a comb with a rubber base, then check if it is properly attached to the base, if it is not torn at the edges. By the way, since the rubber does not glide well through the hair, and the plastic is electric shock, it is better to give preference to the option from dense textiles.

No matter what material the comb is made of, it shouldn’t have sharp edges! They must be rounded, ground and polished. The best are the “sawn-off” combs – it doesn’t matter whether they are plastic or wooden. Their main advantage is the absence of a seam on the teeth. With such a connecting line, poorly treated teeth can damage the hair and cause microscopic trauma to the scalp.

It is best if the massage hair brush is made of plastic, the smoothing brush is made of natural bristles, and the comb is made of soft materials (rubber, rubber). If possible, do not use metal and plastic combs!


Massage brush, wide and flat, oval or rectangular shape evenly distributes sebum over the entire length of the hair. The massage is named for the cause: it improves blood circulation, making the curls stronger and stimulating their growth.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 10
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 10

Brushing is a cylinder-shaped brush. Large diameter – straightens hair, small one is needed to create curls.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 11
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 11

“Fish bone” (skeletal comb) is a flat brush with horizontal holes through which hot air from the hair dryer circulates freely, without burning the skin or overheating the hair. Suitable for combing and creating volume at the roots.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 12
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 12

Semi-circular brushes with sparse teeth are ideal for styling short haircuts.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 13
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 13

A fine-toothed comb can be used to floss.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 14
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 14

A comb with sparse teeth, at the ends of which there are balls, copes with cheers with a bang for matted hair of any length.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 15
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 15

A comb with fork teeth or with a stylet handle (thin and long) and frequent teeth is needed for styling, modeling bangs and parting.

The hair brush is perfect for massaging your scalp in the shower.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 16
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 16
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 17
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 17

Ionic combs remove dirt, grease and absorb unpleasant odors; infrared relaxes and accelerates hair growth.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 18
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 18
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 19
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 19

And the brushes are folding and with a removable handle. It is convenient to carry them in a bag.

Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 20
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 20

The combs are numbered in the photo: the number of the comb corresponds to the number of the description.

  • 1) A comb with frequent and rare teeth suitable for all occasions;
  • 2) A comb with rare teeth for combing curls and wet hair;
  • 3) Antistatic metal comb is convenient for combing flying hair;
  • 4) A comb with a long handle and uneven teeth is practical for combing;
  • 5) A comb with different teeth for combing out dandruff;
  • 6) An expensive and very gentle comb, cut from natural material.

At the bottom of the photo, the brushes are also numbered:

  • 1) Breathable blow-drying brush;
  • 2) Expensive, but very good brush, for short hair made of natural bristles;
  • 3) This brush is suitable for a handbag, with a pillow and needles with thick ends;
  • 4) Thick round brush made of natural bristles, used for styling hair;
  • 5) Brush with a rubber pad and various bristles (from different materials);
  • 6) Semi-circular brush for shaping, with sparse bristles;
  • 7) Semicircular brush with different bristles, ideal for stubborn hair;
  • 8) Gentle hair brush, with rounded bristles, thickened at the ends; Combines different bristles from different materials.


Often, when buying a brush or comb, we do not consider the type of hair. For example, owners of curls for everyday use simply need a comb with very rare teeth. The massage brush will not interfere with them – it is ideal for evening use. This procedure increases blood circulation in the scalp, improves hair nutrition and stimulates hair growth, and helps to improve hair condition.

There are three simple rules for hair type and comb type.

  • The first says: the stiffer the hair, the harder the material from which the brush is made to care for it should be.
  • Secondly, the thicker the hair, the less frequent the combs should be.
  • Finally, the longer the hair, the larger the styling brush should be, making it easier to brush and style your hair, preventing tangles.

General recommendations are as follows:

  • Long hair – combs with tips.
  • Curly short to medium hair – brushing.
  • Coarse, medium length hair – flat brush with wooden bristles and rubber base.
  • Thick hair – massage brush with different-sized bristles.
  • Fine hair – massage brush with fine nylon bristles or a sparse wooden comb.
  • Oily and blended hair – flat brush.
  • For combing long, curly, split ends – a silicone comb with sparse teeth.
  • For styling long and curly ones – brushing and fishbone.


  • – If the hair is damaged or weak, choose soft brushes with plastic balls attached to the ends of the bristles or hair combs with rare teeth;
  • – If your hair is thin and brittle, choose a wooden hairbrush with wide teeth;
  • – If your hair is coarse, give preference to a sufficiently elastic brush or comb;
  • – For split ends, it is better to choose brushes with natural bristles;
  • – Tangled long hair is easy to comb with a flat brush, moving from the ends to the roots;
  • – If you have damaged and long hair, do not brush it when wet. If you urgently need to comb them, and there is no time to dry your hair with a hairdryer, then use a comb with rare teeth.
  • – Do not use a flat brush if you want to straighten your hair while drying with a hairdryer: you will not be able to pull off the ends of the hair sufficiently;
  • – There is no need to vigorously comb your hair with a brush before going to bed. This will only stimulate the sebaceous glands and damage the hair roots. It is enough to brush once through the hair;
  • – Almost any high-quality comb is suitable for normal hair; But even so, it is recommended to use metal and plastic combs only in rare cases, since they electrify and split hair from them.
  • – For styling it is worth having several combs.


  • – Combs and brushes require regular maintenance. Give them a “bath day” at least once a week – it is recommended to wash them with the same shampoo that you use to wash your hair.
  • Owners of oily hair – it is better to wash the combs even several times a week. The same can be said for those struggling with dandruff. Dandruff is known to cause fungus – and if it is constantly washed off the comb – the healing process will speed up.
  • – There should be no loose hair on the comb, remove it regularly. You can use another comb or toothpick to remove trapped hair from the brush. There are also special brushes for cleaning combs (see photo).

An old toothbrush is useful for removing dirt from your bristles. Then rinse the brush with warm water and a little shampoo, shake and let dry.

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  • If the brush is very dirty, and in big cities it is far from uncommon, then wet wipes are well suited, with which it is very convenient to remove dirt from each clove.
  • – If you have one of those brushes for which you need to remove the rubber pad; then after cleaning, sprinkle talcum powder on the non-working surface (where there are no bristles) so that you can easily put it in place.
  • – Assess the degree of wear on all hair care items. Sharp edges, broken teeth, needles, old bristles can severely damage hair. If you’re lucky enough to find a good professional hairbrush, it can last much longer. But even she will one day become worthless.
  • – When blow-drying your hair, make sure the brush you are using is made of heat-resistant material. Hairdressers say that they had to literally cut melted brushes out of clients’ hair.
  • – Use a hair dryer at medium temperature. High temperatures are dangerous not only for brushes, but also for your hair.
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 21
Note to our beauties. Choosing a comb. 21
  • – Remember: a comb is the same thing for personal hygiene as a toothbrush. Therefore, do not borrow a comb from anyone and do not give your own.

Keep an eye on your health, choose the right combs and enjoy the charming look of your hair!

P.S:Hair combing has long been an intimate process, and perhaps that is why it attracts artists to paint their paintings on the theme of ladies’ dress. We suggest admiring some of them.

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