The right hairbrush: how to choose?

The right hairbrush: how to choose?
The right hairbrush: how to choose?

Taking good care of your hair involves not only using a good shampoo, nourishing and moisturizing products, but also using the right comb for your hair. In addition, many important nuances should be observed using this, at first glance, primitive object. We will talk about the types of combs and the features of their use further.

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Types of hair combs

Daily combing of the strands is necessary not only to give them a neat look and the necessary shape, but also is required to maintain their health (through exposure to the scalp). At the same time, it is not difficult to get confused and confused in the choice, because now manufacturers offer many different types of combs. Some devices are suitable for permanent use, others are only for styling hairstyles, for use when dyeing strands, etc. Conventionally, combs can be classified into three groups:

  • ridges;
  • massage;
  • stacking.

When thinking about which hairbrush to choose, it is important to first decide for what purpose it is required. The structure of the hair, length, and state of their health are taken into account. It is imperative to take into account the shape of this device, the type of bristles, material, quality. If the comb is incorrectly selected and used carelessly, this can lead to damage and even loss of hairs. For example, combs with very coarse, stiff or stabbing teeth injure the scalp, and damage to the epidermis can destroy the hair follicles.

Skeletal hair comb

The right hairbrush: how to choose? 2
The right hairbrush: how to choose? 2

A very common type of hair comb is the so-called skeleton comb. Its main purpose is to use it for drying and styling hair with a hairdryer. Such a comb is often made of plastic. Due to its special structure, the presence of holes, this tool helps to quickly dry hair with a hairdryer and eliminates the risk of overheating of hair and skin (the flow of warm air is evenly dispersed).

At the same time, the skeletal comb comb through the strands well without injuring them, because the teeth are located far from each other and have rounded tips. In some models, the teeth are placed on one side, in others – on both. Moreover, their length can be different, due to which the comb is used for curls of different lengths. This type of comb is not suitable for creating a hairstyle, but it is perfect for lifting hair in the root zone, i.e. to obtain root volume.

This comb is great for thick, straight hair, but not an option for curly curls. When choosing a skeleton comb, you should give preference to models with a special coating to relieve static stress. It is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the material (if the plastic exudes an unpleasant odor, then when heated it releases toxins).

Round comb for styling hair

The right hairbrush: how to choose? 3
The right hairbrush: how to choose? 3

When choosing an option for creating a hairstyle at home, it is recommended to pay attention to round combs – brushes. They do a great job with styling haircuts such as bob, page, square, cascade. With their help, it is even possible to create waves on the hair or straighten curly strands, “pacify” unruly curls. Thanks to the different diameters, you can choose between a small round comb for bangs and a large one for styling long hair.

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Often, round-shaped combs for styling hair are made with a metal base-cylinder, which heats up from a hair dryer and acts as an iron. Overheating is controlled by through holes through which the warm air jet dissipates. In addition, there are options with a base made of plastic, ceramics, wood. The teeth on these combs can be made of nylon, metal, plastic, natural bristles. It is worth noting that too frequent use of brushing with a hairdryer weakens hair, especially fine and colored hair.

Hair massage comb

The right hairbrush: how to choose? 4
The right hairbrush: how to choose? 4

The name of this type of comb speaks for itself – its main function is to provide a massage effect for the scalp. Thanks to the soft rubber base, the teeth of the comb are lowered to the desired depth, gently massaging the skin. Due to this, microcirculation in the tissues is improved, the follicles receive more nutrients to improve the growth and condition of the hair. At the same time, the massage brush for hair brushes well and smoothes strands of any length.

Massage combs can be oval or rectangular. They are made from plastic, wood, ceramics. The teeth are made of wood, plastic, nylon, natural bristles (horse hair, boar hair, etc.). If the teeth are not bristly, their tips must necessarily end in small balls that protect the skin and hairs from injury.

A comb-brush is also useful in that it evenly disperses sebum along the entire length of the curls, providing protection to dry hair ends. In this case, you should use a massage brush more carefully for girls with excessive hair oily, because the problem may get worse. For strong, thick hair, a harder comb is the best option, for thin and dry hair – with soft, elastic teeth. For girls with very thick hair, massage brushes with different lengths of teeth are recommended.

Wooden hair comb

The right hairbrush: how to choose? 5
The right hairbrush: how to choose? 5

Many experts advise wood combs for daily use. they are suitable for curls of any length, structure, type. This can be either a massage brush with wide wooden teeth, which perfectly massages the scalp, or a wooden comb-hair comb, ideal for combing thick long strands. For their production, wood of many species is used – oak, birch, pine, juniper, cherry, apple, pear, etc. It is believed that such combs have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, help relieve stress, headaches, etc.

When choosing a wood comb, it is better to prefer models that are not coated with paint or varnish, so that the natural material shows its useful effect. It should be remembered that these combs are fragile and short-lived, it is difficult to clean them of dirt. If the wooden brush or comb has darkened, lost its smoothness, or cracked or chipped, the tool will have to be discarded.

Silicone Hair Comb

The right hairbrush: how to choose? 6
The right hairbrush: how to choose? 6

A novelty among hair combs is a tool made of an alloy of silicone and plastic. Such combs glide well along the strands, gently combing. This is especially important for girls with weak and fine hair, including wavy hair. In addition, the silicone comb does not electrify the hair, it is easy to clean, and is durable. This type of combs is recommended for dyeing and perm, because such material does not react with chemicals. Silicone combs are also used to evenly distribute styling products and masks along the length.

Ceramic hair comb

The right hairbrush: how to choose? 7
The right hairbrush: how to choose? 7

Combs made of this material are mainly intended for thermal styling of hair with a hairdryer. These can be brushes and skeletal combs with a ceramic base that does not overheat and protects the hair from drying out during styling. With these tools, it’s easy to create curls or straighten curls. There is also a ceramic massage-type comb with special bristles that delicately affect the scalp.

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