What are the types of combs and how they affect hair

The comb has become a part of everyday life of any person. It is difficult to find an object more mundane than this simple device. Every day, using various variations of this product, rarely anyone thinks about the purpose of each type. Even when choosing a new instrument, one often has to be motivated by visual preferences, rather than true characteristics. It is useful for everyone to know what types of combs exist, to understand their purpose.

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Common materials

An important aspect for the preference of a combing device is the raw material from which it is made. Depending on the material used, the tool helps to take care of the hair or, conversely, prevents a complete care process.

The following materials are most often used in the manufacture of combs:


The most common performance material available to a wide range of buyers. Plastic tools do not require specific maintenance, have an affordable price, are easy to use, and are durable. These tools are perfect for any hair type. The main negative point is that plastic combs have a significant electrifying effect on curls.

What are the types of combs and how they affect hair
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair


The material is very similar in characteristics to plastic, but unlike it has anti-static properties. The silicone comb is great for damp, matted hair. A silicone comb does not emit harmful substances during thermal exposure, it is hygienic, but quite expensive in comparison with analogues.

What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 2
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 2


Instruments made from this material are rarely used. Although it does not electrify the strands, it is traumatic.The device is not recommended for use on thin, damaged hair. Any head of hair that has been chemically attacked is at risk of injury, as well as the risk of reacting with metal and sparkling with unexpected colors.

What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 3
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 3


Suitable for problem hair.The comb is able to smooth the exposed hair scales, protecting it from further damage. Ceramic instruments are not heated by the hot air of thermal appliances.

There are various lines of professional hairbrushes, including those designed for aromatic effects on hair. Many options are equipped with ionization, tourmaline spraying. A tangible minus of the product is fragility.

What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 4
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 4


Widespread in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. A wooden tool delicately fulfills its functions: it moves carefully along the strands, does not tear hair, leaving it healthy, attractive, and is not prone to the formation of static electricity. Environmental friendliness, no harmful effects on curls, skin are the main advantages.

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The main disadvantage of this device is its susceptibility to rapid wear. The wooden frame is prone to chipping, cracking, chipping. This quickly renders the brush unusable. Also, wood is susceptible to rapid contamination, and it is not so easy to clean it.

What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 5
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 5

Natural bristles

This material is rightfully recognized as the ideal option for hair care.especially if they don’t arrive at their best. A comb made of natural bristles takes good care of the hair, does not provoke the formation of split ends and electrification, and is harmless to the scalp. Any problem hair: thin, brittle, damaged, will benefit from such care.

What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 6
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 6

Attention! The tool will require regular maintenance, will not allow you to effectively comb thick curls, it is not recommended for owners of oily hair.

There are combs made from other less common materials: ebonite, rubber, bone, nylon, carbon. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Types of combs and their purpose

When purchasing another comb, rarely does anyone think about its true purpose.Many are guided by an attractive design, an unusual design, advertising appeals, suggesting that this particular novelty is capable of solving many hair problems. It is useful to know what each of them is for in order to correctly use the tools and get much more benefit from them.

Standard combing tools

  • The comb is a common combing device. This option for caring for curls was also used by our distant ancestors. Combs, depending on the size, frequency of the location of the teeth, are used for different purposes. With their help, you can comb wet, tangled, short, curly hair, create a fleece, carefully distribute the cosmetic product over the strands, as well as make a haircut, and carry out various manipulations.
  • Wide comb with sparse teeth, as in the photo, is just perfect for wet curls. She will gently untangle, will not pull, pull out the hair shafts.
  • Long-handled fine-toothed comb ideal for smooth hair. She will perfectly comb the curls, especially along the strands. This comb is most relevant for daily use on short hair. With the help of a long handle, it is convenient to highlight the parting, select individual strands to create a hairstyle.
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 7
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 7
  • Massage brush along with the classic combhas become widespread for daily hair care. The main value of such a comb is a light massage at the same time as a banal combing. This action stimulates blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.
  • Brushperfectly distributes sebum along the length. The hair is supplied with a protective film, the secret does not accumulate at the roots. Hair retains a fresh look longer. Girls who are prone to excessive oily hair are advised not to overdo it with brushing, since the problem will worsen.
  • Massage (rectangular) brush will be a great helper for drying damp hair without styling. She will untangle difficult areas, cope with long curls.
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 8
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 8
  • Natural bristle brushtakes good care of hair, gives it softness, healthy shine. A gentle massage provides increased blood circulation and helps to regulate the natural functioning of the sebaceous glands. The curls become smooth, elastic.
  • Artificial bristle brushmust be provided with small balls-restrictors at the ends of each clove. This will help protect curls, skin from injury. Such a brush perfectly shapes the hairstyle, polishes, makes the hair smooth.
  • Wooden bristle brush– unsurpassed massager. It is difficult to find a more careful and beneficial effect. Strengthening the blood microcurrent, lymphatic drainage provides improved growth, awakens dormant hair follicles.
  • Combined bristle brushallows you to combine different useful actions. Such a comb will be an excellent assistant in caring for any type of hair. The bristles contribute to the distribution of sebum, smooth out the exposed cuticle scales.
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 9
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 9

Styling tools

In addition to the usual combing, women often need to style curls, create a hairstyle. For this purpose, special tools are intended that greatly facilitate the task.

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  • Brashing – round hairbrushes are most widespread. With their help, it is convenient to create volume at the roots, wind the length outward or inward, create large curls. Made of various materials, tools of various sizes will allow owners of different types of curls to choose the best option for styling.
  • Metal round brush will provide quick drying, easy styling, help to create curls. It is worth choosing a comb of the required diameter and the ideal assistant for getting a hairstyle is found.
  • Round brush with bristles as in the photo is perfect for creating small curls, styling bangs. Combined bristles provide smooth, shiny hair for short hair.
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 10
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 10
  • Ventilated brush or “skeletal” combspecially designed for drying hair. Will create volume at the roots. Thanks to the holes in the body, it does not allow curls to overheat during heat treatment. Suitable for all hair types.
  • Fleece brushwill help you quickly achieve the desired result. Better to give preference to options with natural bristles. They are more careful with the hair, which is undergoing a difficult procedure. Round combs will help to create volume, and rectangular ones, as in the photo, will complete the styling – they will smooth, polish the top layer. It is better to choose options with bristles of different sizes – they work more efficiently. With their help it is also easy to “remove” the styling. The detangling brush is capable of dealing with problem areas. It is effective even on fine, highly curly or baby vellus hair.
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 11
What are the types of combs and how they affect hair 11

When choosing tools for caring for hair, you need to pay attention to many nuances. Knowing the main selection criteria, understanding the variety of products offered, it is easy to make a purchase that will help you take care of your curls reliably and will delight you with a well-groomed hairstyle.

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