What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly

Shine, elasticity and vibrant hair color are an indicator of their health. And, oddly enough, one of the factors that negatively affect the condition of the hair is improper combing. It turns out that information about the benefits of frequent and prolonged combing is not only not confirmed by modern research, but also refuted. Excessive mechanical action on the hair can lead not only to a loss of its shine, but also to irritation of the scalp and its sebaceous glands. What’s more, choosing the wrong comb is enough to harm your hair.

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The comb is a sacred and symbolic item that emphasizes femininity. Very often in the paintings of artists, a woman combing her hair is depicted in an intimate, homely setting, as if performing some kind of sacrament to the glory of her own beauty. In ancient and Western traditions, the comb is an attribute of mermaids, sirens, and goddesses. And in folk tales, an impenetrable forest grew from a comb thrown behind her, saving the heroine from her pursuers.

Naturally, modern hair care products can work wonders, but they are not omnipotent. One of the keys to healthy hair is the normal circulation of the scalp. Therefore, even miraculous balms, rinses and tinctures are not able to cope with the problems of a spoiled hairstyle alone. Here the comb comes to the aid of chemistry and nature.

Which comb is best for your hair.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get the perfect comb for all occasions. However, their assortment is quite extensive and offers different shapes and materials.

There are only two main types of combs: the first is designed for combing and detangling hair (these are brushes and combs), and the second is for styling your curls and shaping your hairstyle (frame brushes and brushes).

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 2
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 2


Combs.Of all the variety of combs, combs have the greatest unraveling ability. It is recommended to comb hair, especially long hair, starting at the ends and gradually going up to the roots. The wooden comb will dissipate static electricity and will not damage hair or chemically react with the hair care product when applied. Further, your choice should be based on the purpose of brushing your hair:

  • if your hair is prone to tangling, choose a wide-toothed comb. It is also the only comb that can be used on wet hair. The rest of the combs spoil hair greatly in such situations;
  • To smoothly comb your hair into a bun or ponytail, use a fine-toothed comb;
  • dry and colored hair requires the use of a silicone comb, which is excellent at separating and dissipating static electricity.
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 3
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 3

Hair brush

Hair brush.The hair brush is called a massage brush for a reason – combing it for literally a few minutes a day will increase blood circulation in the scalp and give your hair a healthy look. It also removes dust and dirt from your hair. The correct procedure for brushing hair with a massage brush is from the back of the head to the forehead and to the base of the neck, temples.

However, you should be careful with brushing if the hair is very oily or, on the contrary, too dry or damaged.

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 4
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 4

Skeletal hairbrush

Skeletal hairbrush– one of the universal means for hot styling, that is, using a hair dryer. The sparse and coarse prongs gently separate tangles, while the holes allow for better drying by allowing air to circulate freely.

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 5
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 5


Brashing (round hair brush) is designed for different types of styling – straightening or, on the contrary, curling hair.

Which comb is best to comb your hair.

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One of the main characteristics of a comb is the material from which it is made. Metal, bristles, wood, bone, plastic, silicone, ceramics – this is an incomplete list of materials used in the manufacture of a comb.

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 6
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 6


Stubble from which hair brushes are made, must be elastic, but strong, so as not to harm the hair. Natural pork bristles are the optimal material that does not damage hair, but rather expensive. Artificial bristles are cheaper, but less heat resistant and more traumatic for hair. Natural bristle brushes are best for long, straight hair, they add smoothness and shine, remove static electricity, but do not detangle hair well. Therefore, modern manufacturers of hair brushes successfully combine natural and artificial bristles, successfully taking advantage of the advantages of both.

Bone and horn

Bone and horn are used to make combs, they also de-electrify hair and comb it perfectly.

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 7
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 7


Wood.The best combs that do not react with the chemical composition of paints and care products are wooden. Depending on the type of wood, they have antiseborrheic (birch), antistatic (oak), antistress (juniper) effects. All these qualities apply only to natural wood products, not varnished. True, most of the wooden combs are short-lived: from the moisture during washing, the teeth can form burrs and cracks, which negatively affect the health of the hair.

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 8
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 8


Plastic.Plastic combs must necessarily have teeth rounded at the end: if the comb scratches the skin, it is prohibited to use it. The main advantage of plastic combs and combs is ease of maintenance. This material is very easy to clean. You can also note the durability of the fleece made with a plastic comb with uneven or just frequent teeth. However, the disadvantages of using plastic combs outweigh the advantages: in order for them not to electrify the hair, a special antistatic coating is required, and when styling with a hairdryer, harmful volatile substances are released. It is necessary to change plastic combs with daily use at least once every 3 months.

What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 9
What comb to choose and how to comb your hair correctly 9


Carbon.Carbon combs are mostly professional brands. This innovative material is CFRP, which is often ceramic-coated. Combs made from it are expensive, but very effective and can be used for a long time. Sparse teeth allow you to comb well even very thick or curly hair. The material is very slippery, neutral to dyes and hair perms, does not damage the hair texture.


Silicone.In fact, these combs are made from a mixture of plastic and silicone. Their main advantages are easy washing, even distribution of styling products and easy gliding through the hair.


Nylon.A soft and delicate analogue of natural bristles, which will perfectly cope with hair of all types, gently but intensively combing it. Even brittle, weak or baby hair will not be damaged by brushing with this material.


Ebonite.Removing static electricity in the best way (remember school physics lessons), ebony combs make your hair shine. They are also recommended for use during and after shampooing when the hair is most vulnerable.


Metal.Probably the worst comb material, despite the fact that it removes electrostatic charge and does a good job of creating a comb. Hair from such a comb breaks, and the delicate scalp is scratched. During staining, the use of metal combs is not recommended: when oxidized, this material can change the color of the paint, and the result will be unpredictable.

Which comb to choose for hair:

  • Rubberized or silicone grip for better control of the brushing process.
  • The pad of the massage brush must be firmly attached to the base. It is best to choose combs with a textile pad, although rubber pad is more hygienic.
  • Test thoroughly for scratches on the comb with teeth, edges, or other edges. A poor-quality comb can severely injure your hair and deprive it of its healthy appearance.
  • For carrying around, it’s best to look out for a foldable brush. Such a model does not take up much space in the bag and does not collect dust from its contents.

Choosing a comb depending on your hair type

Another factor that is very important when choosing a comb is the type of hair. The basic rules for this choice are as follows:

  1. Hard materials for coarse hair, soft materials for vulnerable and brittle hair.
  2. The thicker the hair, the less frequent the teeth of the comb.
  3. The styling brush should be larger in diameter the longer your hair is.

Hair Comb Care

  • Combs should be washed regularly – at least once a week. You can use shampoo for this. Owners of oily hair and dandruff are advised to perform such “bath procedures” for combing even more often.
  • Remove loose hair from the comb with a special tool, another comb or a regular toothpick. Dirt from teeth or bristles can be removed with an old toothbrush or wet wipes.
  • Monitor the condition of the hairbrush or comb, replace it in time if it is worn out.
  • Make sure the material is heat resistant before blow-drying.
  • A comb is an item of personal hygiene, therefore the use of other people’s combs is highly undesirable.

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