What is a comb?

Behind the simple word “hairbrush” is an object that is interesting from a professional point of view to specialists in completely different fields. Hairdressers use it to help clients look better, criminologists solve crimes, geneticists confirm kinship, and fortune-tellers predict the future. For an ordinary person, a brush is primarily a tool that helps to take care of oneself.

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Comb – what kind of hygiene item?

What is a comb?
What is a comb?

It is a personalized device for hair care and sometimes scalp care. The thing belongs to the category of household and personal, but there are professional tools. They are used in work by representatives of some professions. For example, stylists and hairdressers.

There are also medical and medical devices. Most often, they are prescribed by a trichologist or dermatologist and are intended to treat diseases or eliminate cosmetic defects.

History reference

What is a comb? 2
What is a comb? 2

The path of this hair tool, according to the most conservative estimates, began 10 thousand years ago. The specimen found in the excavation was made from fish bone and served as an ornament, not a functional device for maintaining hygiene. Brushes began to play a similar role later.

For combing, combs were definitely used during the heyday of Ancient Greece. Additionally, the ridges, or rather, their middle parts – butts – were used in this country to store poisons and spirits. The most surprising thing is that this is not the most unusual use. So, among the Eastern peoples and Slavs, the accessory acted as a magical attribute, and for medieval European ladies, it was a worm. He was stuck in his hair, which was not dismissed due to the multi-storey and complexity of creation, and his head itchy from the attack and the abundance of insects was scratched with it.

For Japanese samurai and geisha, combs were not only a personal hygiene item, but also a weapon. Well, for men of other classes, the comb was considered a love attribute, allowing a non-verbal way to show sympathy for a girl. The same method of application took root on Russian soil.

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Important! The cost of a single brush dropped significantly immediately after the invention of plastic. It happened in the 19th century. Since then, the comb has entered every home and has truly become a personal hygiene item.

Purpose of the comb

The main roles of the brush:

What is a comb? 3
What is a comb? 3
  • separation of strands;
  • creating hairstyles, styling, waves, combing, root volume;
  • head massage;
  • splitting prevention;
  • combing out dandruff, parasites;
  • removal of small debris, loose hairs;
  • even distribution of natural fat on the hair along its entire length.

There are also not quite standard methods of application. So, models for babies help remove birth crusts from the head and relieve the natural itching caused by their peeling. In addition, there are role-playing games involving the use of different sides of the massage brush. And fortune tellers and psychics use brushes and hair from them in love, healing and predictive magic.

There are also “smart” hairbrushes designed for specific purposes:

  • straightening (they cope with the task much faster than ironing, literally in 5-10 minutes);
  • creating waves and curls (thermal brushing – a round brushing brush with holes on the body, through which hot air flows are supplied);
  • treatment of severe hair loss, including age-related (for example, laser comb);
  • removal of electrification (for example, an ionizing brush).

What hairbrushes are in shape?

The basic classification divides the variety of options into 2 categories: models with teeth and combs with bristles. The first group consists of the following types:

What is a comb? 4
What is a comb? 4
  • a comb, in which the teeth are located in 1 row (comb);
  • a comb, in which the teeth are scattered over the butt area (massage brush);
  • classic comb (does not have a handle);
  • comb for extended hair (the teeth are not straight, have the shape of loops);
  • hair comb (suitable for both combing and pinning hair raised up; has very long teeth);
  • a medical comb (intended for combing; it is prescribed for some diseases of the hair and skin, as well as for patients suffering from head lice);
  • comb with a handle (long or short);
  • double-sided comb (in the center there is a butt, and teeth go to the left and right of it).

Combs, in turn, can be frequent, rare and combined. In the last type of comb, some of the teeth are sparse, and some are frequent.

Important! Both combs and massage combs, in turn, can be conventional or folding (folding). The latter variation is compact, fits easily into a bag, but is often not suitable for complex hair manipulations.

Bristle brushes are massage and round… The former are suitable for prolonged brushing. They do not frizz the hair, but soothe it and increase blood circulation in the scalp cells. The round ones are primarily designed for styling. Helps create different sized curls and waves.

There is a division in the arrangement of the bristles.… Single units can be evenly scattered over the entire area of ​​the backing, go in bundles or in rows. Also takes into account the origin of the bristles. The best option is considered accessories, in the production of which materials obtained from wild boars were used. They return healthy shine to the hair, take good care of the strands and contribute to their restoration, and prevent stratification.

Types of combs by material


What is a comb? 5
What is a comb? 5

They do not electrify hair, handle curls with care, do not injure the skin. Can be applied during coloring (will not affect the result), on wet hair and when creating a style with a hairdryer. Due to the variety of brushes, it is possible to choose a model for specific tasks (for combing, massage, constant wearing in a purse or for creating hairstyles) and for a certain type of hair (for thick, severely damaged, sparse, curly).

Important! Varnished wooden brushes lack many of the advantages of uncoated brushes. For example, they create an electrical discharge with long and careful brushing.

In addition to the advantages, they also have disadvantages. The insurmountable “disadvantages” include a short operating period. Its short duration is due to the fact that the tree does not tolerate contact with liquids. At the same time, wooden brushes absorb skin secretions well, therefore, for hygienic reasons, they must not be washed. It turns out a vicious circle, the way out of which is the frequent acquisition of a new comb.

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Important! If you want to change your hairbrush as rarely as possible, take a closer look at a coniferous product. Their wood is denser, changing soft, therefore it does not react so sharply to contact with water.


What is a comb? 6
What is a comb? 6

Does not bend, does not break, separates strands perfectly and is ideal for creating a fleece. In this case, the strands and scalp are roughly treated: they can cause injury and stratification of the hair. Less risks are associated with the use of metal combs with rounded tips. The danger is almost completely absent in the case of massage combs, in which the tops are equipped with plastic or silicone rounds.

Important! Along with the hair dryer, metal combs are not used for the reason that their material heats up quickly and therefore burns the hair.


Inexpensive, easy to clean, lightweight, it is possible to buy a product of any type and design. At the same time, models made of thin plastic bend, lose teeth and cannot cope with combing heavy long hair. In addition, they cannot be used together with a hair dryer – from heating the material begins to emit a pungent smell.

Important! Plastic brushes are not suitable for prolonged brushing, as they create an electrical discharge due to friction.

Low-quality plastic is dangerous and delamination… After losing their smoothness, the teeth begin to damage the hair structure and scratch the skin. Therefore, combs made of this material should be purchased only in professional stores. The products sold in them are devoid of the disadvantages described above: they do not bend, are covered with an antistatic layer, and are not prone to premature wear.


They are careful with strands, durable. Humane treatment of animals and the emergence of analog materials have led to a significant reduction in bone ridges in the market for hair tools. Now such products are expensive, rarely found, and are mainly used during prolonged evening brushing.


What is a comb? 7
What is a comb? 7

Easy to clean, lightweight, long-lasting. Suitable for all hair manipulations, including dyeing and creating hairstyles with a hairdryer.


Very durable, non-electrifying, easy to clean, separates strands well. Suitable for coloring and creating hairstyles, drying hair. Neutral to curls and scalp.

With natural bristles

Suitable for massage and prolonged brushing, soothes electrified strands, improves blood circulation. Ideal for severely damaged ends, but unacceptable for quickly dirty curls. Oily hair at the roots after using a brush with natural bristles looks even more unkempt.

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