Which comb to choose? Using my collection as an example, I will tell you my impressions.

Hello my dears, today I want to pay attention to such an important thing for our hair as a comb. How to choose it correctly and which one is right for you.

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As you know, a hair comb is the same as a nail file – it can both save hair and kill it. Yes, often it is the comb and how you comb your hair that is the key factor in such topical problems as split and brittle hair. But I think this is not news to most readers, and so the first thing we need to do is forget about metal combs. they hurt the hair the most.

So, we are faced with the question of which one to choose? There are so many of them and the price category is very different. So is it worth paying for a brand and will it be useful? Now we’ll figure it out. During the time I was growing my hair, I had almost all the options for combs, and I will tell you about each in detail and, I hope, will help you find “yours”.

And so meet the contenders for the title of “Perfect Comb”: Plastic massage brush from AVON, wooden comb, natural bristle comb with wooden handle, mixed bristle comb and sensational Tangle Tezeer and Tangle Angel.

A few words about my hair. My hair is thick and thin, straight, 59cm long, and therefore gets tangled quite a bit, especially in the wind. I think almost all long-haired girls understand me. I think that the hair needs to be combed gently, detangling, starting from the ends and gradually rising up, no one needs it. Much has been written about this.

I present to you my entire arsenal of

Which comb to choose?
Which comb to choose?

Now about the combs and the first massage comb from Avon on our list.


Which comb to choose? 2
Which comb to choose? 2

As you can see, mine is already pretty shabby. Its usage time is 4 years. The comb is good, draws the hair quite well, has a large area with bristles, is comfortable in the hand, and washes well. And everything in her is fine, if not for some, but … She almost does not massage her head, and if the hair is very tangled, then combing it “without loss”, alas, is impossible. It is not suitable for very long hair, it will be simply uncomfortable to comb it.
Final grade 4.

3 Pieces Rat Tail Comb Carbon Fiber Cutting Comb Set Stainless Steel Pintail Comb Teasing Comb Parting Comb, Wide and Fine Teeth Comb for Braids Hair Salon Home Supplies, Black

  • Lightweight and comfortable: the rat tail comb measures approx. 8.6 x 1.6 inches, the carbon fiber cutting comb is approx. 8.7 x 1 inches, proper size for you to use at home or hair salons, lightweight and good for family and travel use, easy to carry or put in your pocket or bag
  • Diverse functions: the teeth of these cutting combs are dense at the front while sparse at the bottom, practical for you to use, non-slip design make it not easy to fall off from your hand, good for hair styling, parting, back combing, post styling and hair coloring
  • Carbon fiber material: both the teasing combs and fine and wide tooth comb are made of carbon fiber material, the handles of teasing combs are made of stainless steel, durable and stable, not easy to break, can avoid pulling, tangling or damaging the hair, can help to massage your scalp and balance the oil, safe to use and won’t scratch your scalp or pull your hair
  • Flexible to use: these parting combs and wide and fine teeth combs are applicable for most hair types, such as straight, wet and curly hair, flexible enough to keep your hair smooth, the pointed and nonslip handle of pintail comb is suitable for dividing the hairline, curling, parting or lining, which helps you take care of the hair during styling
  • Specific contents: here are 2 pieces stainless steel pintail combs and 1 piece fine and wide tooth comb, designed in black color, enough for your daily hair styling needs, with moderate thickness, comfortable to use, not easy to break

2. Wooden scallop.

Which comb to choose? 3
Which comb to choose? 3

To be honest, I don’t know why I bought it ?! Just because it is small and convenient to carry in your purse. It will certainly come in handy for those who wear bangs, they fit perfectly! By the way, it is very convenient to use when applying oil masks, it is very convenient to distribute over the hair. For those who have very thick curls, combing after a bath is very convenient, proven on a curly girlfriend
Hair practically does not injure, but over time it can begin to catch and tear hair, so choose a wooden companion carefully.

Final grade 5(it copes with its tasks, but I rarely use it)

3. Comb made of 100% natural boar bristles on a wooden handle.

(Unfortunately, there is no photo of her) In my opinion, this comb is much better suited for creating hairstyles, namely, smoothing strands of hair. It will be very difficult to comb your hair with it, and with curly hair this is generally impossible. It is completely unsuitable for colored hair, it can cause breakage, but if you need to comb your hair after a pile or complicated hairstyle – this comb will perfectly cope with this task.

So as a smoothing comb it is firm 5, and as a comb – for home care 3.

4.Comb with mixed bristles, on a plastic handle

Which comb to choose? 4
Which comb to choose? 4

A mixed bristle comb will work well with fairly thick natural hair. Unlike natural bristles, this model combes hair well with a light head massage. Since the basis of this comb is still natural bristles, it is worth remembering that it is unlikely to suit damaged and dyed hair, and can injure your hair even more. May electrify hair. But for natural hair, this is a real salvation, she will not only iron your hairs well, but also perfectly polish them, which will add extra shine to you) At the moment, she is one of my favorites.

Overall rating 5- because can electrify hair.

5. Tangl tezeer

Which comb to choose? 5
Which comb to choose? 5

But we got to the sensational Tangl Tezeer comb. I ordered mine from AVON. It cost me about 700r. I have been using this acquisition for a little more than six months. After this period, what can I say … The comb is really worth the money. Perfectly combes hair and massages it perfectly. Also, using this comb, I often distribute oil masks through my hair. She really does not tear her hair, but combs it gently. The design deserves a separate assessment – it is super ergonomic !!! The comb fits perfectly into the hand, and what kind of head massage it can do is just a fairy tale! Now each brushing takes about 30 minutes for me, and the scalp is just delighted with this massage. Perfect for owners of thin hair of medium and large thickness. She became a resident of my bag thanks to her packaging

6. Tangle Angel, also a sensational beauty.

This comb came to me quite recently and has been used for less than a month. Why did I buy it? I wanted to compare it with the classic teaser because I read a lot about how she is better. But, of course, I could not pass by her stunning design !!! Her design is just a bomb! Compared to the classic Teezer, does Angel have thicker and shorter stubble on two levels? located on the base in the form of circles on the water, it surprised me very much! In comparison with the usual Tangle Teezer, it makes the head massage worse, but with the length it behaves much more gently and thoroughly combes the hair. An excellent solution for thick hair. For myself, I could not choose? which one is better! In my opinion? they are completely different.

As a result, I can say: If you have long hair that you want to keep as smooth as possible and you are not afraid of electrification, then feel free to take mixed bristles.

And if you have rather problematic and thin hair, then take a look at such products as Tangle Teezer and Tangle Angel, and then choose what is more important for you: a good head massage – then the classic Teaser will help you, if super gentle combing – then stop your choice on the Angel.

Thanks for attention! I hope this article was helpful to you.

Wet Brush Hair Comb Detangler Wide Tooth Comb for All Hair Types (Pink Slate) (0620WMAGICP)

  • Exceptional Design: The hair comb has a unique design, which looks so different and elegant not at all like any ordinary comb. This wide-tooth comb has an outgoing grip for you to hold handily. The tooth of the comb is in a zig-zag pattern, which is perfect for detangling tough knots with ease. These are superior in quality.
  • All Hair Types: It does not matter whether you have long or short, wavy or straight, thick or fine hairs. As this comb is designed to deal with all hair types. You will experienceremoving tangles while making the hair soft. It works unimaginable on wet or dry hair and is perfect for everyone
  • Strong and Durable – This product is perfectly ready for the world and your lifestyle, be it in the hairdressingsalon or your home. This product is durable and is sure to last as long as other brushes regardless of price. You can be sure it’s suited for your lifestyle and you
  • Seamless teeth – Protect for yourhair from the damage caused by detangling and styling with this wide-tooth comb. The comb is featured with a seamless tooth design thus making it tender to the scalp and hands. The wide tooth hair comb to be the best quality tool you need for hair care. It gently works with the hair knots and tangles.
  • Say Goodbye to Tangled Hair: Thiscomb is perfect hair comb for as it has anti-static properties. Enjoy a pain-free combing experience and a healthier, shiny hair which becomes easy to maneuver! The comb helps to secure your beautiful hairs against split ends and breakage.
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