You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing

You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing
You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing

Soft, thick, shiny – who among us doesn’t dream of luxurious hair? But it is not only the right care products that help to achieve the desired result: the usual combing also plays an important role. What you need to know about this process so as not to harm your hair, explains hairdresser-stylist Alexandra Edelberg.

Natural Wood Hair Brush with Wooden Bristles Massage Scalp Comb and Peach Wood Beard Comb for Men and Women 3 pcs

  • Material:Hand polished wood results in unique patterns. No two combs are alike.Handmade craftsmanship ensures the combs teeth are not very sharp and will not hurt the scalp. Size: 3 PCS for wooden hair brush (8.8 inch x2.5 inch) one peach wooden comb (6.5 inch x 2 inch) and moon shape comb (6.5 inch x2 inch). Keep one in your car, one in your purse, and one in the shower. Very good for detangling hair.
  • Benefits: Anti static wood hair brush and peach wooden comb do not damage hair. It massages the scalp in order to stimulate blood flow which results in healthy hair. Other benefits include a reduction in: hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even dandruff.
  • Lesser quality wooden combs are made of two pieces of wood mosiac. Our wooden combs are constructed from a whole piece of peach wood resulting in high quality silicone airbag(Not ordinary rubber) with good elasticity and are long lasting. The air ventilation holes allow air in and out which allows more heat to get directly to the hair when blow drying.
  • Usable Range: works on all hair types, for men and women, perfect for wet or dry hair, and perfect gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband. These combs are extremely well made and light enough to carry around in your purse without weighing it down.
  • Friendly remind and wood comb care information: Made of a whole piece of natural wood,which was been made by manual polishing,no any paint. so you can see each comb has its own unique pattern,that lead to there are not same both combs. Natural comb can’t break, can’t pull, after bubble water to dry immediately.

Mistake # 1. You only have one brush for all occasions.

Of course, sometimes you can get by with just one comb. But it’s better to have at least three in your arsenal. Thin, flat will be needed for parting or bouffant. A massage brush (there are a lot of them on the market now, you can choose any) – to comb and dry your hair. A round comb of medium diameter is needed for styling.

Mistake # 2. When choosing a comb, you are guided by the opinion of the sellers

Today, thanks to marketing ploys, choosing the right comb is a whole business. But, based on my experience, I will say that first of all you need to rely on your own feelings, and not on other people’s advice. You should be comfortable and pleasant to use the brush. Only you know which handle you need – wooden, plastic or rubberized, how much weight the comb will be comfortable for, etc.

Mistake number 3. You firmly believe that plastic combs harm your hair

Considering the ubiquitous fashion for eco-friendly products, it is not surprising that wood combs are very popular. It is believed that they, unlike their “plastic counterparts”, do not harm hair, and moreover, they remove static electricity (although this is not always the case). In fact, plastic combs do no harm either. So when choosing a brush, I suggest you focus solely on your feelings.

Mistake # 4: You think a natural bristle comb is more gentle on your hair

Naturally, natural bristles work more gently when you brush. But not all hair will lend itself to such a brush. In my opinion, it is more suitable for children and owners of not very thick hair.

You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing 2
You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing 2

Mistake number 5. You buy combs “like your hairdresser”

If you’ve got luxury high-heeled shoes but can’t get anywhere in them, why do you need them? It’s the same with the comb. Now many are trying to buy professional brushes, but not all of them are effective when they fall into the hands of ordinary people. For example, many hairdressers have combs with very stiff bristles, it is clear that the master in the salon will cope with them easily and simply, but you are not a master, so using this “gadget” you run the risk of tangling your hair.

Mistake # 6. You don’t brush your wet hair

Some women sincerely believe in the myth that wet hair is best left uncombed. Actually this is not true. The main thing is to handle them very carefully and use special detangler brushes, which perfectly detangle the hair and make it easier to comb.

Mistake # 7 You think your hair gets electrified when combed due to the weather

Of course, sometimes the weather plays a role, but more often than not, our hair becomes electrified due to improper care or a comb that does not suit you. What to do? First, special anti-static carbon brushes can be used. Second, you can apply a leave-in care, fluid, oil, cream, or even hairspray.

Mistake # 8. You are combing your hair incorrectly.

Many owners of long hair dissolve them at night, but in order to avoid tangling and the appearance of tangles, it is better to braid their hair in a braid, remove a light bun, otherwise in the morning you will have to unravel all this “beauty”. Note that when brushing, it is always best to start at the ends or the most tangled areas, and then move on to the roots. Naturally, for those who wear a short length, this rule is irrelevant.

3 Pieces Handle Hair Combs Wide Tooth Hair Comb Detangling Comb Tail Comb Styling Comb Anti-static for Thick Hair Long Hair and Curly Hair (Purple)

  • Durable material: our detangling combs are made of ABS material with nice toughness, which is anti-skid and do no harm to your hair, not easy to break or out of shape, durable for long time using
  • Anti-static: static electricity can easily make the hair dry, frizzy or knotted, and also cause the hair more fragile and easy to break; These anti-static hair comb can effectively avoid these damages caused by static electricity to the hair
  • Thoughtful design: with comfortable hand-grip and wide-spaced teeth, our handle combs will offer you a good control and comfortable hair care, these combs are good for detangling wet or dry human hair or wigs, suitable for most hair length
  • Comb sizes: the combs are light in weight with proper sizes, you can see the measurement clearly from our pictures; The long handles are simple to hold and grip, won’t slip from your hands while combing
  • Amount of packing: there are 3 pieces of hairdressing combs with handle in purple color, including 1 piece of large tooth comb, 1 piece of wide tooth comb and 1 piece of rat tail comb, a nice combination for creating various hairstyles

Mistake No. 9. Do you believe that hair grows better from combing for a long time?

There are still people who firmly believe that the longer you comb your hair, the better it will grow. This is not the case, there is no relationship between hair growth and brushing duration.

You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing 3
You will not be Rapunzel. 13 mistakes we make when combing 3

Mistake # 10: You Rarely Brush Your Hair to Make Less Hair Fall

Some people try to use a comb as little as possible, believing that this can provoke hair loss. And in vain, because, firstly, only combing ensures your neat look, and secondly, when using a comb, a light massage of the scalp occurs, which is very useful, and thirdly, this way, you get rid of hair that should already fall out ! Believe me, you cannot “accidentally comb out” healthy hair. If you accidentally pull out healthy hair, you will feel it.

Mistake # 11. You change your comb frequently

A comb is not a toothbrush, and there is no rule that clearly states how often you need to change it. It all depends on the material it is made of, how you use it, and if you use it with a hairdryer, it will likely have a shorter lifespan.

Mistake number 12. You do not monitor the condition of the comb

The better you care for your comb, the longer it will last for you. Remember the elementary rule – after each use of the brush, you need to clean it of hair. If you don’t have this habit, do it at least once a week, plus wash the comb with laundry soap for a little disinfection. However, dust, styling residues, grease, etc. accumulate on the hair. Hygiene is very important.

If you carry the comb in a bag, it is better to have it in a case or cosmetic bag, so it will get less dirty and will not accidentally injure you.

Mistake # 13. You allow other people to use your comb

If you ask a dermatologist, he will definitely tell you that you should not give your comb to anyone! Even if we are talking about members of the same family. Although we all understand that relatives often use the same brush. This is not fatal, of course, but has nothing to do with hygiene and can provoke the appearance of various diseases of the scalp.

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