Hair tie: 5 secrets you didn’t know

Hair tie: 5 secrets you didn't know
Hair tie: 5 secrets you didn’t know

What should be the elastic band? How can you use it? What kind of elastic bands does your hair need?

Using an elastic hair band every day, you probably never think about any little things associated with it. For example, is the material it is made of important? Are there any additional ways to use it? Read and memorize everything you need to know about this seemingly simple and ordinary accessory.

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  • Great Value Pack:package include 10 pcs coil hair ties and 10 pcs elastic hair ties,total 20 pcs/set hair ties in assorted beautiful colors,enough for daily use,match your different hair color and outfit,the durable hair ties are women girls best friend
  • About Phone Cord Hair Tie:stretchable,waterproof, no crease,no headache,the spiral hair tie diameter is about 1.5 inch,may look small,but they are pretty stretchy,the hair tie can meet different hair volume whether thin,fine or thick,with the sprial design,the traceless hair ties gentle on hair,but hold your ponytail in place securely and comfortablely,not have any pain or pulling, the high quality plastic hair tie are waterproof,you can wear it when swimming or take a bath,amazing hair coils
  • About Elastic Hair Ties:our elastic hair band are made of soft fabric with durable rubber band,metal free with an ornamental oval bead,the hair tie have good elasticity,can hold your hair tightly the whole day,great ponytail holder band
  • Fashion and Various Occasion:the phone cord hair ties and elastics hair ties in bulk are available in such a variety colors,fit for almost women,girls,teens to creat different hairstyles whether thin,fine,thick hair,the hair tie is ideal for yoga,swimming,bathing,running,cycling,gym,etc,the hair ties are awesome,such a good gift to share with your family and friend,they will love it
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When choosing a hair tie, first of all we pay attention to how strong it is holds hair… However, the tighter the hair tie, the more likely it is to cause headaches. Maximum comfort will be provided by spiral-shaped elastic bands, due to which the pressure on the hair is distributed unevenly and pain does not occur even after prolonged wear.

The hair tie should have a smooth surface

Most of the classic rubber bands are made of a rough material that damages the hair cuticle and causes it to split. Elastic bands should have a smooth surface that glides smoothly through the hair anddoes not hurt them… In addition, the material must be waterproof, which will protect the rubber from bacteria and dirt, for example in a pool or shower.

Elastic band for hair color and transparent – the most necessary

Scrunchies for hair color or transparent will never go out of style and will suit any style. Like a classic black dress, thismust-have for every modern girl, which follows fashion trends.

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  • Waterproof and Hygienic: Made of TPU material, oilproof, waterproof, so they can be worn while swimming or bathing. more hygienic than other hair ties.
  • Practical trendy style hair accessories
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Pure cotton material
  • Comfortable hair accessories

The hair tie can be worn as a bracelet

Depending on your preferences and mood, you can also choose rubber bands in a wide variety of colors and shades. They will become a stylish accessory in your hair andcomplement your image… In addition, the elastic bands can also be worn around the wrist like a bracelet.

With the help of small elastic bands you can make an evening hairstyle

To create hairstylessmall rubber bands may be needed. They are great for securing small strands. For example, invisibobble NANO miniature rubber bands. Elastic bands are available in four shades that remain invisible in hair of any color and are an excellent alternative to hairpins and invisible hairpins.

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties, Coil Hair Ties, Phone Cord Hair Ties, Hair Coils – 4pcs, Transparent

  • The best hair tie for your hair: The transparent 4 pack is perfect the perfect set of ponytail holders for any hair color! Kitsch hair coils are gentle on your hair. The smooth plastic, spiral construction helps to prevent tangling and consequently prevents hair breakage when you remove them.
  • Help prevent ponytail bumps & hair headaches: The spiral design of telephone cord hair ties spreads the “pressure” of the hair elastic out over a greater surface area of your hair, which helps to minimize the dreaded ponytail bump that hair ties can create on styled hair. Hair headaches from too-tight ponytails are also a thing of the past! Traditional hair ties function by concentrating the tension in a single area of your hair, prevent damage and strand breakage by spreading out the tension
  • Cute in your hair, and on your wrist: Kitsch Hair Coils are an everyday essential and come in a variety of beautiful colors. Whether you are looking to match your hair color, or add a fun pop of color to your top knot, Kitsch has the coils for you. Perfect for blondes, brunettes, redheads and any color in between. Kitsch coils also look great on your wrist. The coils stretch to comfortably wear as a bracelet when not in use, so they are ready for ponytail or messy bun duty at any time.
  • Waterproof and hygienic: Phone cord hair ties are non-absorbent, so they can be worn while swimming or bathing without that “nasty wet hair tie” feeling, and they can be removed from wet hair much more easily than a traditional ponytail holder. Also, because they do not absorb fluids, Kitsch hair coils are more hygienic than fabric wrapped rubberbands.
  • Small but mighty: Kitsch hair coils are 1.5 inches in diameter, but don’t be deceived by their size! Kitsch coils stretch easily and generously to hold up all of your hair in a ponytail, messy bun, or braid, and comfortably stretch to be worn on your wrist when not in use. If your coil happens to stretch larger than its original size, simply place it in a cup of warm water or use a hot blow dryer to shrink it to its original size.
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