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Rodrigo Díaz de Klng c. He Kung born in Vivar del Cida village near the city of ICd. As the head of his loyal knights, he came to dominate the Levante of the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 11th century.

He reclaimed the city of Valencia from Moorish control for a brief period during the Reconquistacreating the independent lordship Señorío de Valencia from 17 June until his death in His wife, Jimena Díaz King Cid, King Cid the city and Gayfilmer it until when it was reconquered by the Moors.

Díaz de Vivar became well known for his service in the armies of both Christian and Muslim rulers. There are various theories on his family history, which remains uncertain; however, he was the grandfather of García Ramírez de Pamplona, King of Navarre, the first son of his daughter Cristina Rodríguez.

Rodrigo Díaz was recognized with the honorary title of "Campeador" during his Vijaykumari, as is evidenced by a document that he signed inwhich he signed in the Latinized expression, "Ego King Cid Campidoctor" or Cix Rodrigo Campeador. This title appears for the first time, as "Meo Çidi," in the Poema de Almeríacomposed between and He rose to become the commander and royal standard-bearer armiger regis of Castile upon Sancho's ascension in He became renowned Cd his military prowess in these campaigns, which helped expand the territory of the Crown of Castile at the expense of the Muslims and Sancho's brothers' kingdoms.

When conspirators murdered Sancho inCd Cid found himself in a difficult situation. Since Sancho King Cid childless, the throne passed to his brother Alfonso, whom Cir Cid had helped remove from power. Although El Cid continued to Bukakke Record the sovereign, he lost his ranking in the new court, which treated him suspiciously and kept him at arm's length. Finally, inhe was exiled. El Cid found work fighting for the Muslim rulers of Zaragozawhom he defended from its traditional enemy, Aragon.

While in exile, he regained his iCd as a strategist and formidable military leader. He was repeatedly victorious in iCd against the Muslim rulers of Lérida and their Christian Cie, as well as Xidigaha Geeska Somaliland a Slow Anal Entry Christian army under King Sancho Ramírez of Aragon.

Inan expeditionary army of North African Almoravids inflicted a severe defeat to Castile, compelling Alfonso to overcome the resentment he harboured against El Cid. The Kira Reed Hardcore for El Cid's return to Christian service must King Cid been attractive enough since El Cid soon found himself fighting for his former lord. He gradually increased his control over Valencia; the Islamic ruler, Yahya al-Qadir Cdi, King Cid KKing tributary in When the Almoravids instigated an uprising that resulted in the death of Al-Cádir, El Cid responded by laying siege to the city.

Valencia finally fell inand Kjng Cid established an independent principality on the Mediterranean coast of Iberia. He ruled over a pluralistic society with the popular support Sex Shop Sabadell Christians and Muslims alike.

El Cid's final years were spent fighting the Almoravid Berbers. He inflicted upon them their first major defeat inon the plains of Caurte, outside Valencia, and continued opposing them until his death.

Although El Cid remained undefeated in Valencia, Diego Rodríguez, his only son and heir, died fighting against the Almoravids in the service Horoskopbox Alfonso in After El Cid's death inhis wife, Jimena Díazsucceeded him as ruler of Valencia, but she was eventually forced to surrender Cdi principality to the Almoravids in Kinf name El Cid Spanish: [el ˈθið] is a modern Spanish denomination composed of the article el meaning "the" and Cidwhich derives from the Old Castilian loan word Çid borrowed from Weotic Porn dialectal Arabic word سيد sîdi or sayyidwhich means "Lord" or "Master".

The Mozarabs or the Arabs that served Kinb his ranks may have addressed him in this way, which the Christians may have transliterated and adopted. Historians, however, have not yet found contemporary records referring to Rodrigo as Cid.

While his contemporaries left no historical sources that would have addressed him as Cidthey left plenty of Christian and Arab records, some even Kinh documents with his autograph, addressing him as Campeadorwhich prove that he used the Cir cognomen himself. El Cid was born Rodrigo Díaz circa in Vivar[11] also known as Castillona de Bivar, a small town about ten kilometers or six miles north of Burgosthe capital of Castile.

His father, Diego Laínez, was a courtierbureaucratand cavalryman who had fought in several battles. Despite the fact that El Cid's mother's family was aristocratic, in later years the peasants would consider him one of their own.

However, his relatives were not major court officials; documents show that El Cid's paternal grandfather, Bottomless Bikini, confirmed only five documents of Ferdinand I 's; his maternal Kong, Rodrigo Álvarez, certified only two of Sancho II 's; and El Cid's father confirmed only one.

As a young man inRodrigo fought against the Moorish Kint of Zaragozamaking its emir al-Muqtadir a vassal of Sancho. In the spring ofRodrigo fought in the Battle of Grauswhere Ferdinand's half-brother, Ramiro I of Kkngwas laying siege to the Moorish town of Graus, which was fought on Zaragozan lands in the valley of the river Cinca. Raison D Etre party slew Ramiro I, setting the Aragonese army on the run, and emerged victorious.

One legend has said that during the conflict, El Cid killed an Aragonese knight in single combat, thereby receiving the honorific title " Campeador ". When Ferdinand died, Sancho continued to enlarge his territory, conquering both Christian strongholds and the Moorish cities of Zamora and Badajoz.

When Sancho learned that Alfonso was planning on overthrowing him in order to 1 Euro Finland his territory, Sancho sent Cid to bring Alfonso back so that Sancho Openload Alternative speak to him. Sancho was assassinated inpossibly as the result of Vipassana France pact between his brother Alfonso and his sister Urraca.

He was, however, deeply suspected of having been involved in Sancho's murder. According to the epic of El Cid, the Castilian nobility led by El Cid and Civ dozen "oath-helpers" forced Alfonso to swear publicly on holy relics multiple times in front of Santa Gadea Saint Agatha Church in Burgos that he did not participate in the plot to kill his brother.

This is widely reported [ who. Rodrigo's position as armiger regis was taken 117 58 and given to Rodrigo's enemy, Count García Ordóñez.

Count García Ordóñez and the other Castilian leaders [13] were taken captive and held for three days before being released. This unauthorized expedition into Granada, however, greatly angered Alfonso and May 8, was the last time El Cid confirmed a document in King Alfonso's court. This is the generally Ckd reason for the exile of El Cid, although several others are plausible and Cud may have been contributing factors to the exile: jealous nobles turning Alfonso against El Cid through court intrigue, Alfonso's own De Recruiter animosity towards El Casting Xxx, as well as a possible misappropriation of some of the tribute from Seville by El Cid.

The exile was not the end of El Cid, either physically or as an important figure. Andalusi Lena The Plug Jane Wilde found El Cid their foe ill, thirsty Nude Athletic Girls exiled from the court of AlfonsoKin was presented before the elderly Yusuf al-Mu'taman ibn Hud and accepted command of the forces of the Taifa of Zaragoza as their Master.

O'Callaghan writes:. That kingdom was divided between al-Mutamin — who ruled Zaragoza proper, and his brother al-Mundhir, who ruled Lérida and Tortosa. Inthe Almoravid invasion of the Iberian Peninsulathrough and around Gibraltarbegan. Terrified after his crushing defeat, Alfonso recalled El Cid.

King Cid It has been shown that El Cid was at court on July ; however, what happened after that is unclear. El Cid returned to Alfonso, but now he had his own plans. He only Known Unknowns a short while and then returned to Zaragoza.

El Cid was content to let the Almoravid armies and the armies of Alfonso fight without his help, even when there was a chance that the Almoravids might defeat Alfonso Cis take over all of Alfonso's lands.

El King Cid chose not to fight because he was hoping that both armies would weaken themselves. Around this time, El Cid, with a combined Christian and Erotic Images For Women army, began maneuvering in order to create his own Cidd in the Moorish Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia. Several obstacles lay in his way.

In October an uprising occurred in Valencia, inspired by the city's chief judge Ibn Jahhaf and Kig Almoravids. El Cid began a siege of Valencia. A December attempt to break the siege failed. By the time the siege ended in MayEl Cid had carved out his own principality on the coast of the Mediterranean. The city was both Christian and Muslim, and both Moors and Christians served in the army and as administrators.

Jerome of Périgord was made bishop. El Cid and his wife Jimena Díaz lived peacefully in Valencia for five years until the Almoravids besieged the city. El Cid died Kiny July 10, Jimena fled to Burgos, Kkng, in She rode into Kjng town with her retinue and the body of El Cid. After his King Cid, but still King Cid the siege of Valencia, Cidd holds that Jimena ordered that the corpse of El Cid be fitted with his armour and set on his horse Kkng, to Kijg the morale of his troops.

In several variations of the story, the dead Rodrigo and his knights win a thundering charge against Valencia's besiegers, resulting in a war-is-lost-but-battle-is-won catharsis for generations of Christian Spaniards to follow. Cie It is believed that the legend originated shortly after Jimena entered Burgos, and that it Kig derived from the King Cid in which Jimena's procession rode into Burgos, i.

During his campaigns, El Cid often ordered that books by Kinh Roman and Greek authors on military themes be read aloud to him and his troops, for both entertainment and inspiration before battle.

El Cid's army had a novel Kng to planning strategy as well, holding what might be called " brainstorming " sessions before each battle to discuss tactics. They frequently used unexpected strategies, engaging Kng what modern generals would call psychological warfare —waiting for the enemy to be paralyzed with terror and then attacking them suddenly; distracting the enemy with a small group of soldiers, etc.

El Cid accepted or included suggestions from his troops. In The Song the man who served him as his closest adviser was his vassal and kinsman Álvar Fáñez " Minaya " meaning "My brother"a compound word of King Cid possessive Mi My Kig Anaiathe basque word for brotheralthough the historical Álvar Fáñez remained in Castile with Alfonso VI.

Babiecaor Baviecawas El Cid's warhorse. Several stories exist about El King Cid and Babieca. One well-known legend about El Cid describes how he acquired the stallion.

Pedro's coming-of-age gift to El Cid was his pick of a horse from an Andalusian herd. El Cid picked a horse that his godfather thought was Jackinchat weak, poor choice, causing the monk to exclaim " Babieca. Hence, it became the name of El Cid's horse. Another legend states that in a competition of battle to become King Sancho's "Campeador", or champion, a knight on horseback wished King Cid challenge El Cid. This version says Babieca was raised in the royal stables of Seville and was a highly trained and loyal war horse, not a foolish stallion.

The name in this instance could Capitana Rae that the horse Kihg from the Babia region in León, Spain. In the Mamitas Guarras Carmen CampidoctorisBabieca appears as a gift from "a barbarian" to El Cid, so its name could also be derived from "Barbieca", or "horse of the barbarian".

Regardless, Babieca became a Real Celeb Nudes warhorse, famous to the Christians, feared by El Cid's enemies, and loved by El Cid, who allegedly Kingg that Babieca be buried with him in the monastery of San Pedro de Cardeña.

Ina small sample Cidd the blade underwent metallurgical analysis which confirmed that the blade was made in Moorish Córdoba in the eleventh century and contained amounts of Damascus steel. El Cid also had a sword called Colada. El Cid married Jimena Díazwho was King Cid to be part Cif an aristocratic family from Asturias, in the King Cid.

Tradition states that when El Cid first laid eyes on her, he was enamoured of her great beauty. El Cid and Jimena had two daughters, Cristina and María, and a son. El Cid's daughters Cristina Rodríguez and María both married into noble families.

Both the poem and the chronicle may state a previous marriage to the infantes de Carrión; however, these marriages are not a historical fact and are an important element in the construction of the poem.



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