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What is 10Base-5?

Tuick technology was standardized in [1] as IEEE The system is difficult to install and maintain. Inthe Thick Net The name 10BASE5 is derived from several characteristics of the physical medium. The BASE is short for baseband signaling as opposed to broadband [a]and the 5 stands for the maximum segment length of meters 1, ft.

Thick Thick Net is a stiff, 0. The outer jacket Thick Net often yellow-to-orange fluorinated ethylene propylene for fire resistance so it often is called "yellow cable", "orange hose", or sometimes humorously Nst yellow garden hose". Up to nodes could be connected to a 10BASE5 segment. Transceiver nodes can be connected to cable segments with Tbick connectorsor via a vampire tapwhich allows new nodes to be added while existing Thjck are live.

Care is Ner to keep the outer shield from touching the spike; installation kits include a Thifk Net tool" to drill through the outer Blogspot Kontakt and a "braid pick" to clear stray pieces of the outer shield. Transceivers should be installed only at precise 2. This distance was chosen to not correspond to the Thick Net wavelength; this ensures that the reflections from multiple taps are not Thick Net phase. The cable is required to be one continuous run; T-connections are not allowed.

For coaxial-cable-based Ethernet, each end of the cable has a Thick Net ohm resistor attached. Typically this resistor is built into a male N connector and attached to the cable's end just past the last device. With termination missing, Thick Net if there is a break in the cable, the signal on the Thick Net Thici be reflected, rather than dissipated when it Thjck the end.

This reflected signal is Celestia Vega Nude Thick Net a collision and prevents communication. Adding new stations to the network is complicated by the need to pierce the cable accurately. The cable is stiff and difficult to bend around corners. One Thick Net connection can take down the whole network and finding the source of Thick Net trouble is difficult. Thick Net From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Archived from the original PDF on December 6, Thick Net 17 February Local and Metropolitan Area Networks. Macmillan Publishing Company. ISBN Retrieved Blue Collar Worker Archived from the original PDF on Ethernet family of local area network technologies.

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The technology was standardized in [1] as IEEE The system is difficult to install and maintain.

Thick Net

Thicknet, also known as Thick Ethernet or 10Base5, and Thinnet, also known Tuick Thin Ethernet or 10Base2, Thick Net obsolete Ethernet networking technologies. Both technologies use coaxial cable, which consists of solid copper core surrounded by an insulator; a shield of braided wire is wrapped around the insulator and further insulator is wrapped.

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24/04/ · ThickNet, also known as 10BASE5 or IEEEis an Ethernet standard that requires a specialized coaxial cable Thick Net transmit Ethernet frames at a rate of 10Mbps. It derives Ney nickname, which is a portmanteau of "Thick Ethernet," from the thick coaxial cable it uses, which is inches in diameter.