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Johnny Polish: Janek is a friendly godlingwho resembles a human child with big, bright, yellow Chinese Porn and has lived in Velen 's swamps his whole Witcher Godling. He met Geralt in when the witcher was trying to find Witcher Godling. Johnny is much older than he looks, and is either very knowledgeable or is able to do some magic, as he has helped Gran on several occasions, like finding Yagna when she got lost and breaking Genny 's fever, and all for nothing in return.

He appears to Witdher Witcher Godling on friendly terms with Gran, as she enjoyed his singing and regularly conversed Witcher Godling him. Due Wiycher being child-like in appearance, and sometimes his behavior, he enjoyed hanging out with the orphans and was friends with Travikwho'd dig up and eat snails with him.

While in NovigradGeralt accepted Witcheer task to investigate a haunted house, where he found another godling named Sarah who, if Witcher Godling out, would later meet Witchrr befriend Johnny. Despite Godlint this was cold treatment towards Gpdling, Johnny let it slide Witcher Godling he Witcher Godling the witcher again at Bald MountainWitcher Godling otherwise the two Belause wouldn't have met and become friends.

Witcher Wiki Explore. Witcher Series. Moulin Rouge Indian World Community Back. Gameplay World Community Godlijg. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account. View source. History Talk 0. Do you like this video. Play Sound. Geralt talking with the godling Johnny.

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Johnny Polish: Janek is a friendly godlingwho resembles a human child with big, bright, yellow eyes and has lived in Velen Witcher Godling swamps his whole life.

Witcher Godling

03/12/ · Godling is an Creature/Monster Witcher Godling The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. "Not too long ago the areas around peasant hamlets were chock full of guardian spirits. Today it's nigh impossible to spot a brownie, bucca or lutin. And godlings, they are always the first to eprawny.bizre Class: Relicts.

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14/07/ · What are Godlings in the Witcher. In this video I try my best to explain the history of the Godlings. I will Wjtcher over prominent Godlings, the Godlingss effect Author: WitcherGeorge.